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Well, finally in Yellowstone our first stop was at West Thumb Geyser Basin located at the shore of Yellowstone Lake. At the entrance there are a couple of mudpots and then there are all wonders at the shore of the lake.

I could stay here all day long but as usual we have minimal time on out hands. I think it was 45 minutes this time. You don´t even have time to walk all boardwalks.

Heading out again to fine a place for the chilly picnic lunch we encountered a group of Wapiti deers in a burnt forest. They walked among the treetrunks and was rather hard to watch.

Our chilly picnic lunch. Not even a cup of hot coffee or tea. But we managed. The picnic areas was great everywhere in both parks. Table´s and toilets were well tended to and cleaned every day.

So far the weather has been quite nice even if chilly but now it started to rain.  When we came to Midway Geyser Basin o Grand prismatic spring it was raining and the rain combined with hot water was  a disaster from a photography point of view. And for a tourist too. We want to see as much as possible but this time it was so much fog we could not see more the 3 steps in front of us. Quite scary when you walk on a boardwalk with a hot area below. Luckily it was a bit windy so every now and then the fog drifted away for a little while.

First: The welcoming slope

Excelcior geyser

and then Grand Prismatic Spring, the one that normally are very colorful.
Grand Prismatic Spring was very low in water from what I have seen before so much of the color was not seen. The dry summer affected this place as well. To my disappointment.

Last but not least was Old Faithful at the Upper Geyser Basin. We also spend two nights as it´s neighbour in Old Faithful Snow Lodge. We were lucky to see Old Faithful have one eruption before it was too dark and we should go for dinner.

We had our dinner at Old Faithful Inn that night. And had to walk in heavy rain to get there and back after the dinner. Those two night I have a room mate as there were no single rooms available. Coming back from dinner at 21.30 we uploaded our photos and started to edit a few for tomorrow.

And, again an early morning are waiting for us.

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  1. That is something else. I am starting to plan my own trip.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  2. Fantastic shots. I can see you folks travel with some serious camera equipment I can only dream about.

  3. Such an amazing area! Thanks for the quick tour and sharing your photos.

  4. It's almost 40 years since we visited Yellowstone, so I can really appreciate your shots...only thing missing was the smell of sulfur.

  5. Amazing place. Loved all clicks.

  6. I always love the park, I wish you had better weather but it looks like you saw a few things. I love the elk.

  7. Thanks for sharing the famous place


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