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Today was the first morning I could sleep to 8.30. Some of the group are already gone. We are 6 people going home today. The others are going to other palces in the US.

Our taxi for the airport picked us up at 11.30. Did not take long to get there. Just about 30 min.

Waiting at the GATE, Bozeman Airport, Montana
One of the best views I have seen from a GATE I think.

We are going from Bozeman to Minneapolis
Minneapolis to Amsterdam and
Amsterdam to Arlanda Stockholm.

We leave Bozeman 13,30 Oct 5th local time. Comes to Minneapolis 16,47 local time
Leave Minneapolis 19,33 and arrive at Amsterdam 10,30 next day, Oct 6th

For a while we had company, another plane travelling alongside us.

Leave Amsterdam at 14,45 and arrives at Arlanda 16,45

And finally, closing in to Arlanda for landing.

A looong day! But as we go against the Earth rotation it seems longer then it was. Still, it was long enough. 13 h in the air and lots of waiting hours.

After that comes the bus to Stockholm and train to Katrineholm. And Taxi home. I was home 21.30. Tired!

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  1. That view from Montana airport is very special. A long journey but good to be home.

  2. Wow, I've never had such a pretty view from a gate.

  3. Beautiful shots from your travel.

  4. Welcome :) Awesome pics.1 st n 2nd pic Awesome.

  5. Hello, I love the view out the window at the airport. Pretty sky captures from the plane. That is a long day traveling. I am sure you were happy to be home and in your own bed. Enjoy and have a happy day!


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