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This day started early as usual. Packed and ready to leave at 7.45. We go north from Cody to The Northeast entrance and then west to Mammoth Hot Springs and Gardiner where we stay the night.
During the ride out of Cody I tried to capture the "famous" face mountain. Can you see the face?

Now was the place where we started to see cows instead of bison. Quite weird, but they were far off and no reason to take shots from the car. 

We took Wyoming Highway 296 also know as "Chief Joseph Scenic Byway", "Dead Indian Hill" and "Sunlight Bridge" (one of the highest bridges in the US).
Nez Perce tribe in Yellowstone
I´m not that person that wants to be reminded of how evil people can be so, instead of sharing the history I noticed a chipmunk at this high altitude with snow,  still trying to get food out of people. Sadly we did not bring anything for it as we did not expect to see one. :)
Looking down from the Sunlight bridge

A cold chipmunk 

Lots of beautiful, scenic, views along the road 296

We made a stop in Cook City and it´s museum. They did have a sense of good humour. :) "Coolest small town in America". Quite nice from what I could see in that short amount of time.

And then we were going back into the park again. Heading for Lamar Valley. And picnic lunch. We had a fox as lunch guest and it was the first time I tasted jack fruit. It was tasty.  Think it suited the plate too.

Usually when you see critters and birds the birds are Cattle egrets. But here they were Starlings. Lots of them.

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Last, but not least, Mammoth Hot Springs.
In Mammoth the Wapiti Elk are "walking in the park" or rather, live in the traffic roundabouts.

And the Hot springs are Hot. And so many I had no chance to see them all in the amount of time we were given for the place.

Then we went to Gardiner at the border between Wyoming and Montana and our new lodge. When settled in the room we had some time to edit images for tomorrow. Then we
 met at a restaurant for dinner. When back at the motel I took a shower, uploaded the images and prepared for the last day in Yellowstone.

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  1. I like all your photos but the fox photo is my favourite.

  2. Hello, I am enjoying reading about your Yellowstone trip. The view from the bridge looks scary. The chipmunk is cute. I love the bison and birds. The fox is cute, was it begging for your lunch? I hope not. Yellowstone is a big park, it takes a lot of time to see it all. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  3. Wonderful shots. The view down from the bridge is too good.

  4. Oh what great photos! Would love to see Yellowstone! That's a long way down on that bridge view!

  5. Beautiful post. All pics Awesome.

  6. At the parks of the Sierra Nevada, you see wildlife every day. I imagine in Yellowstone you see three or four times more wildlife than in California!

  7. Great photos from your trip in the Yellowstone area. You certainly saw lots of different places and things in the one day. I look back to when I visited there - a very long time ago! - and I certainly missed seeing a lot of things!

  8. Again, a trip of a lifetime, isn't it? Incredible.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  9. I went there a long time ago and loved it! Such a beautiful place!


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