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Today we were up and out before sunrise. Packed and ready to leave. But the baggage would stay at the lodge until we comes back from Lamar Valley. We were given our breakfast yesterday evening as we were up before breakfast started.

I spent some minutes trying to capture some stars in the camera. Got Venus and halv Orion. Just for fun. It was a clear morning. Then we left.

After about halv an hour we spottes a group of Wapiti on a hill. Everyone out of the cars. This is the kind of shots I wanted for several years. But there are no hills or mountains like that where I live so I was quite happy about it.

Wapiti elk

Next animal up was a brown bear. Wery hard to see and to photograph. It was about two m up from the road and in bushes. I´m to short so my images was not good. The taller men got great shots. It is unfair!  ūüėě  The bear is turned away from me and I had to work a lot to make it look rather OK.
Brown Bear

Later on we made a stop where there usually are wolfs. We had not seen one yet so it would be a treat. Here is the group looking for wolfs in Lamar Valley. But did not find any.

While they were looking I turned the other way. There was frost so I decided to have some fun until my friends screamed "The wolf is coming!" I had no wolf in sight, but a bison right in front of me.

Frost, bokeh and bison!

A little later we found, not a wolf, but three coyotes. Not bad either. And they did not care a bit about people on the road. They walked right through our group. We just moved away a step or two.
Bison and Coyote

Well, almost too close.

Coyote crossing

After a long morning it was time for picnic lunch at Lava Creek. We had a guest, a Dipper in the stream.

And a last look at Mammoth Hot Springs from the car as we are passing by on our way to Bozeman, our last lodge and tomorrows flight back home.

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  1. Fantastic tour of the place.

  2. Love the sparkly bokeh frost picture! The coyote is amazing (well, everything is!), too!

  3. Wow - amazing encounters with animals!

  4. The wildlife sighting here is spectacular.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  5. Wonderful photos! A little scary when the coyotes get so tame. The close-up shot of the coyote is excellent, as are the elk shots.

    1. the coyote is not tame. As I saw it it treates us teh same way as the nearby bisons. They were just passing by. Not in "huntingmood".

  6. Amazing area and how wonderful to see the bear and the Bison. Have a lovely weekend.

  7. Hello, your critter sightings were awesome. I am glad you saw the bear, some people miss them seeing them. I love the cute Dipper too. The buffalo, elk and coyote are all wonderful photos and sightings. The bokeh shot is beautiful. Thank you so much for linking up and for your nice comment and visit. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.

  8. Amazing wildlife shots! Oh how I'd love to go to Yellowstone! Looks like you had an amazing trip!

  9. WOW! You got some great shots. Love the Elk in silhouette! And the coyote! Yellowstone is on my list of places to visit. Hopefully in a year or two.

  10. Magnificent. I'm sure you enjoyed your trip to Yellowstone!

  11. Wonderful animal shots, especially the coyote!


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