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It is amazing how much you can do in one day when you wake up early and go to bed late. Sleep? Well you can always do that when you are back home. ūüėĀ  And, this should be a long day.

Breakfast at 6.30 and starting at 7.30 when the sun rises.

A short time after leaving, at the shore of Yellowstone Lake we noticed the flock of Wapiti Elk at a restroom. Did they need to go? That´s the question. Well we got some nice shots. I also shared a few from the road on my NF Photo blog. You can find them HERE.

After that encounter we stopped at the Fishing Bridge. Don´t seem to be much fishing there now. They exhausted the population. :(  But it was a nice bridge.

Then, more volcanic stuff. The Mud Volcano and Sulphur Caldron. Coolest place ever. Hot pools sounding and looking like a soda bottle. Air bubbles popping a lot. To bad I did not get any video of it. Later on I have to make a separate post of this one.

North of the Mud Volcano was Hayden Valley but the open landscape was empty of wildlife. A great disappointment. Just a few birds in the waterpools and streems.  Wildlife was elsewhere.

Next one up: Yellowstone Grand Canyon

After the canyon it was time for another chilly lunch. It has been a little hail in the air. And we also had some guests for lunch.

Please enlarge for a better view.

Next stop one of my favorite places from my first visit 24 years ago.  Norris Geyser Basin!  Norris seem to be the hootest ground in the entire Caldera. And this was the place where we got a real hailstorm and I got a bit sick from hight! 2311 m above ocean level. Took the strenght from my legs when I had to walk uphill.

 Lower Geyser Basin Paint pots  We visited this place on my request. I had seen the beautiful trees from the road and wanted to see them. But the place was soo much more then the trees. We were given 20 min to see it but then our tourguide changed his mind and gave uo 45 min. He loved it too.

Now we drove back to the hotel for a short break. Very short as we visited the last Paint Pots. We did now go for a trip for trying to get some sunset wildlife images. The sun came out for a little while. Enough for us to witness a herd of bison cross the road.

Then the snow started. And it was getting dark. So this is the last image for today. Bison grazing in snow.

But we continued north to the West entrance to the park where we had booked for our dinner at 19:30.  It continued to snow the rest of the evening. When we were back at the hotel it was late. Just time to upload and a quick shower. Packing, as we are leaving the next day, and then bedtime.

I realized I will have to make separate posts for each one of the places visited today. So much to share, too much for the post of a single day.

Hope you were not overwhelmed :)

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  1. Fabulous place wonerful scenes and critters. Have a good week ahead.

  2. Wonderful post - I enjoyed my tour with you

  3. Fantastic photos! I would love to have a chance to go some time. Wow! What great post!

  4. I would have been beside myself with excitement seeing the Bison in the wild like that. And the waterfall shot is STUNNING! #Thrumylens

  5. It's so beautiful there. I hope some day I can go myself. I find the Elk and the Bison very powerful and majestic looking.

  6. Very beautiful shots from your trip.

  7. Wow..great captures...have a nice day.

  8. I love your Yellowstone shots. My parents used to live in Idaho close to the park and we took a grand tour that took the whole day going in the west entrance and out the south. Exhausting but I loved it.

  9. Wow! You captured such a variety of scenes and critters. How awesome that you saw so much--who need sleep!!!

  10. Amazingly beautiful! I love the photos of the waterfall and the buffalo. I'm with you -- I get up early on vacation and explore. We can sleep when we get home! I'm often out for a walk / hike before breakfast while my family sleeps in :).

  11. Oh how I would love to go. Thank you Monica for sharing these wonderful photos...Michelle


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