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Leaving Snow Lodge and Upper Geyser Basin today at 8,30. We are going east and to a colder climate. We travel along Yellowstone Lake and east out of the park to Cody and .Best Western Sunset Inn

To start the day we met the Wapiti deer again. But in snow this time. I think it was the same one as yesterday.

We made two quick stop for birds and then a last stop and goodbye to Yellowstone Lake, and at the last stop we met a women dressed in summerclothes. She appared to look for birds. I asked her if she wasn´t cold? But she said  she lived there so she was used to the cold weather.

Goodbye Yellowstone Lake!

From Yellowstone Lake we drove through Shoshone Valley. Alongside the river. What an amazing place. Wonderful Mountain hillsides and a bridge over the river, with an amazing guest. We had spotted a rather young grizzly at the side of the road. We stopped and followed the grizzly. It seemed to be a rather young one. And at the bridge it crossed the road and climbed over the fence to the other side. We could follow it for about half an hour. Amazing. Think I will have to do individual post for this as well, late on.  I found a video of travelling this road it is in the end of the post.

Of course we had picnic lunch and then visited Buffalo Bills Museum.
Pahaska Tepee shop and Buffalo Bill Museum. That was the first place I had time to shop. So, I did. a poncho and a blue shirt.

Around three a´clock we arrived at the motel in Cody But did not stay for long.  What happened next was:  Wild horses, Red Canyon Wild Mustangs So, after getting our rooms and unloaded the luggage we were out and about again. This time the were taken there by the tour guides for the horses. Arriving at a location where we did see a herd of horses we stopped and was instructed about how to pass the fence. And to be careful of small cactus's with harsh needles. One of us was unlucky and had a bad encounter with the needles on her thigh. Not fun for her.

We walked carefully towards the horses but we soon got a problem. There are roles about how close you are allowed to be towards wild animals. But those horses was curious about us and approaches us. Making us go backwards again.  One thing I notices was that the yellow grass was very stiff. And I noted that the horsed did not graze as they usually do. They eat the top of the grass. The seeds! Looked very unusual until you realized what they took.

Then we headed back to Cody and went to Buffalo Bill restaurant for dinner and was served a VERY BLOODY STEAK. I doubt it was fried more then 2 minutes.  And, for the first time we had a group session sharing some of our images from the first days of the trip.

Back to my room, taking a shower and uploading my images. And, back to single room again :)
Tomorrow we are going to Gardiner.

Shoshone valley river to Cody video from youtube

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  1. What a fun trip. I hope that you didn't follow that grizzly on foot!!

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  6. What an adventure! Gorgeous shots.

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    Greetings from Germany

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