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NF Photo 110203, La Ensenada, Costa Rica
Ett vackert träd i La Ensenadas trädgård. Förmodligen flera träd planterade tillsammans för att skapa färgvariationen.
A beautiful tree in La Ensenadas garden. Probably several planted together to create this fine variety of colors.

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  1. Great Shot. Beautiful Color

  2. Great photo. Bougainvilleas are always so bright.

  3. before I clicked, I said, that looks like my ex neighbor's 2 color bouganvillea, and sure enough, yours has more colors, Did they graft them?

  4. Beautiful!
    I love bougainvillea!

  5. Beautiful and colorful tree.

  6. Very lovely, yes they can be more than one, but there is also a variety 'Mary Palmer', where only one stem produces both the white and the red.

  7. Oh my goodness, this is beautiful!
    These do not grow outside here, as the winters are way too harsh, but I have a little one in a pot that does quite well in the house. :-)

    Thank you for hosting!!

  8. Am surprised that the bougainvillea even grows and blooms so much more North! Here in California they use them much as a flowering hedge. Wishing you a great weekend:)

  9. That's a splendid bougainvillea. We have just planted a dwarf variety and hoping it will stay compact!

    Thank you for participating in Floral Friday Fotos!

  10. This is dazzling!!! I have several bougainvillea in my back yard and front yard, but never the three colors in one....it must be that there are three different plants, planted as one. Either case, it's gorgeous.

    IRIS I played along with Floral Friday this week. To view my share, you will need to scroll down on the blog post a bit.

  11. looks beautiful with all that colors!
    my favourite photo from week 60 link up :))

  12. Snyggt fotat. Skulle inte ha något emot att ha detta träd utanför mitt fönster. :)

    (Ordkontroll här.)

  13. Wonderful photo.

    Regards and best wishes


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