Costa Rica Butterflies

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NF Photo 110206, Restaurante La Georgina. Altitude 3100 möh - Above sea level.

Motorn började koka på vägen upp till restaurangen där vi skulle ha lunch. Sedan fick vi punka så vi fick gå en bit. Den översta fjärilen hittade jag på restaurangen. Den understa liggande död på vägen. Men jag tyckte den var vacker ändå. 
First we our engine was boiling on our way uphill, then we had a flat tire on our way up to the restaurant where we were supposed to have lunch. That made us walk a bit. The first butterfly I found at the restaurant. Tha latter I found dead on the road. Still a beauty in my eyes. 

NF Winged 36
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  1. It is sad that they were dead but at least you got to photograph their splendid beauty.

  2. Butterflies are a perfect example of fleeting beauty. Enjoy them while you can -- as we are supposed to do with life! Your pictures are lovely. I wouldn't mind a short walk to lunch with all this beauty to gaze on as we hiked.


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