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World Bird Wednesday LXXVIII
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120502 Wednesday
Jag vaknade kl 5.50 så det var lika bra att gå upp och göra sig i ordning.

I woke up at 5,50 a bit early, but I went up just the same. I would not have slept any more anyway. So better get started. It took some time to get ready even if I had done most of the packing and preparations last night.
I as ready to start at 7.50 and headed towards Norrköping, GPS and all. GPS is good but not always reliable. It took me the old way in to Norrköping and then I got lost because the turns were to close to one another. Well, GPS always know how to lead you another way so finally I got out the right way and continued south to Gamleby.
I arrived at Gamleby around 10 and then I took the old way down to Västervik. I stoped at Segersgärde to see it there were any birds and to have a cup of coffe and a sandwich. There was not much birds, mainly greylag goose.

I continued down to Västervik and then took the main road down to Kalmar.

I stoped at Emån for another cup of coffe. I reached Kalmar and the Öland bridge after almost 6h in the car, at 13.30.  
View from the traffic resting place at Emån where I had a break.

Ölandsbron - Öland bridge seen from Öland with Kalmar on the mainland in the background. The bridge is a little more then 6.000 m long.

I stoped at Bejershamn at 14.00 for the first birding walk. Sun shining and it was warm. Down here it is much greener then at home. I love that. :)
I birded along the shore and saw some ducks and waders and some others.
Pied Avocet /skärfläcka, chaffinch / bofink, graylag goose / grågås,canadian goose / kanadagås, Shelduck / gravand, sea eagle / havsörn, Yellow Wagtail  / gulärla 12 st, different waders /vadare, ruff / brushane, Common ringed plover  / strandpipare, barn swallow / Ladusvala
Kärrsnäppor / Dunlins in Bejershamn NF Photo 120502, collage
After a while it started to get windy and the wind was cold and I had my warm outfit in the car.
:( So I headed back. It was time anyway as I had to be at the Vandrarhem at 17.00h. There was not much people so I got a room for myself. I got settled in and had my dinner.

Then I took the car down to Ottenby Bird Observatory.

At the driveway down to the observatory I was greeted by this gorgeous couple. Skedand / Northern Shoveler

The Lighthouse Långe Jan / Tall John

I went back to the Youth Hostel when the sun set. 20.50.
But before I went back to the Hosel for the night  I got myself a new header to the Photoblog.
You can see it here: NF Photo

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Flockar m Kärrsnäppa, årta 3 st, småtärna flyg o dyk.
Ladusvala,hussvala,skedand,strandskata,större strandpipare,kråka,skarv,säl,rödhake,sv-v flugsnappare, gärdsmyg, rödstjärt,eider,knölsvan,skrattmås, snatterand,
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  1. Beautiful bucolic scenes!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  2. What a fantastic world you have!! I particularly love the birds in flight and the lighthouse! Wonderful, colorful captures for the day! Hope you have a wonderful week!


  3. Vilken äventyrlig resa!!! Dina vackra bilder bevisar att din resa var lyckad. Hit kommer många "fågel-fotografer" och jag är imponerad över deras uthållighet. En dag kanske du dyker upp här nere också...du är sååå välkommen!

  4. I would have been quite excited to see the Northern Shovelers. Sounds like you had a lovely time away!

  5. What a lovely trip, the scenery is gorgeous and of course I love the ducks. I hope you have a great time and see lots of wonderful birds.

  6. Anonymous15 May, 2012

    Feels a bit like a fairy-tale, seen from here. Wonderful. Please have a good Tuesday.

    daily athens photo

  7. I really must visit Öland - it looks wonderful!

  8. What a wonderful day birding amongst such a lovely countryside!

  9. Super flotte billeder du altid viser.
    Ønsker dig en god dag.
    Hanne Bente / hbt.finus.dk

  10. Lovely photos of your trip, and I could sense your excitement as you prepared to leave early in the morning. I especially enjoyed the Northern Shovelers. We have them here, but I only catch sight of them once in a while.

  11. Some great photos of the ducks. Also loved the view of the bridge.

  12. What a lovely day out! You got some great shots!

  13. Wonderful atmosphere in your photos and fine sharp bird photos.

  14. thank you for taking us on your trip! Love the 3rd view and the photo with the birds flying the most -beautiful!

  15. The scenic photos are beautiful and you saw some good birds. It sounds like a nice place to visit.

  16. Jättefina bilder!! Dit skulle jag vilja åka nångång.../Susanne

  17. Herlig å se disse. Har sett skjeanda, - men da hadde jeg ikke kamera tilgjengelig! Ørland er et flott sted!

  18. Wonderfully picturesque!

  19. Beautiful place and looks very peaceful too. Thanks for linking..
    Water World Wednesday

  20. What a wonderful place to spend a day with your camera in hand. Loved all of your pictures. genie

  21. What a wonderful place. Love the views :)

  22. Wonderful pictures - shoveler are one of my favourite ducks!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

  23. delightful photos. the reflection in the first photo is fascinating!

  24. delightful photos. the reflection in the first photo is fascinating!

  25. Such scenic countryside! Adore the birds in flight and the two swimming ducks!

  26. Amazing place to go birding -- the scenery alone is fantastic, and the birds make it perfect!

  27. What a beautiful place to go bird watching.

  28. Estou passeando por seus blogs!

    São todos lindos, Vc é uma

    Magnífica Fotógrafa!



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