Magnehulteån and Häfla övre bruk

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The two images above are from the area of  Magnehult Nature Reserve. It is about how they manufactured charcoal long ago. It is still in working order. The little hut is a replica of how they lived when working the kiln.

Charcoal kiln  Kolmilans minne

 This image is from the Magnehult Domänreservat close to the kiln.
and Kol och skogsmuseum (Swedish only)

This is a little fall where the stream crosses the main road. A place for fishermen.
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The places was not easy to find so I made a map so others can find them too.

 © NF Photos 150528

Häfla Hammarsmedja (hammer forge)
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The last three images is from Häfla Hammarsmedja /hammer forge about 20 km north west of the first area. First image is the stream powering the workshop. The part with the waterwheel is also seen  from the inside in the second image. This is a museum so we were lucky it was open when we arrived. And that the female blacksmith were working that day. She said she don´t do it much anymore.

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  1. Beutiful images! Last one is my favourite! :)

  2. Takk for turen til Magnehult.
    Jeg likte den veldig godt.
    Ha en fin dag.


  3. I'm thinking blacksmith work requires strong muscles so I'm impressed a female is doing that work here!

  4. These are wonderful eye opening pictures of how people lived in the past. We should see more of these so we can appreciate what we have. On the other hand, I would prefer the values and work ethics of times past. Very nice, Monica ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  5. Det är spännande att titta på bilder hur man arbetade förr. Det var ett riktigt slitgöra.

  6. Pretty shots of the nature reserve and the falls. It is neat seeing how the people lived worked hard in the past. It is a neat museum to visit. Thanks for sharing. Have a happy week!

  7. Great photos and very interesting to see working museums.

  8. Nice to see a working museum.

  9. Such a charming place. And this post is a peep into the past. Thank you for sharing. :)

  10. What a fabulous place to find! I love wandering around finds like this. The photos definitely tell a great story.


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