Yellowstone trip 1994

Yellowstone 170927-171005

Memories from the first trip in 1994.

With Karin and Gunnar to Rocky Mountains 19940903-0918
The trip was mainly about Geology as a knowledge trip. To learn! And I learned about rocks and volcanoes. And learned to love them. Even the smell of hard boiled eggs. In 1988 there was  huge forest fire so when we visited much of the forest was still black. 

Just a few images from albums and the video to remember by. There is not many photos as this was before the digital cameras. And the video was poor. Quality and time was not good to the imagery either. Now I hope I will get lots of images back home to remember by. And play around with. 

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  1. Hello, pretty collection. The Grand Prismatic Spring was one of my favorites, it was so colorful. Enjoy your weekend!


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