Yellowstone Upper Geyser Basin and Old Faithful

Yellowstone 170927-171005

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© NF Photos 170930 Upper Geyser Basin and  Old Faithful, Yellowstone

The famous place where Old Faithful is located and the first place recognized by authorities.
We stayed two nights in one of the hotels but rarely saw the area. The images here are from our first night and it was raining. We had about 45 min to see it. At least we did see Old Faithful erupt. Then it was time for dinner.

Next day was no time at all in the Upper Geyser Basin. It was a disappointment but from the overlook I could see it was not that interesting. At least that is what I tell myself. But the next day had mush other thing to share. Will be seen in next post.

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  1. Thanks for sharing a tour of Yellowstone

  2. Yellowstone is one of the places I love to visit over and over again! thank you!

  3. Amazing place. Thanks for sharing pics.

  4. I want to go there, but not as much as my husband!

  5. We read about the Old Faithful in our geography lesson in school still. Thanks for sharring the amazing photos.

  6. Thanks for sharing. I would love to visit Yellowstone.

  7. Thank you for sharing the photos of Old Faithful...I've always wanted to see it, but never have. We did visit a small part of Yellowstone, but not the geysers.
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  8. A very "cool" place to visit!


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