Yellowstone - Norris

Yellowstone 170927-171005

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NatureFootstep - Monica

The flat area above in hailstorm

 NatureFootstep - Monica

the area to the right of the view in first image
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One of the hottest places in Yellowstone and we got a hailstorm!

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  1. Great shots! Did it stink?

  2. A nose peg would be handy. Excellent photos.

  3. So beautiful, yet so scary! I love most that photo with the mosaic colors. I wonder why those in Rotorua, NZ has organized colors around the pond, i guess it's because there is only one big source of flow from the center, unlike there in Yellowstone.

  4. wow amazing. Awesome clicks.

  5. What an amazing place. Great shots!

  6. I never made it to Yellowstone when I lived in the US (shame on me!!) but your photos are just great, even if the weather didn't cooperate! I've been to a few similar places here in New Zealand with similar colors and textures on the ground.

  7. Great post. Wife and I were there this past summer. Really a special place


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