Malta 110419 Tuesday, traveling day

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110419 Tuesday, traveling day
I woke up much to early. At 5 already. So I ended up with a lot of time to waste. I was
in bed for some time, then went up doing the dishes. Went online and responded to
some coments. Went to ad some more money to my mobile phone. And packed  the
rest of course.
12.25 I left the house. It was fun because My daughter and I came to the parking lot
gate at the same time waving to each other. And we came from two different towns.
What´s the odds for that? Well, I had some trouble reading the instructions so I got a
ticket instead of just paying with the card. But that will do. Both of us got the cars
parked and we met at the gate.
Skavsta is a small airport and very different from Arlanda. But we were boarding in
time, but without my jacket. It slipped out after the security check and when I noticed,
it was to late to go back. But we were going to the summer so, never mind! It was old
We had no seats but we managed to get 2seats in one row and two seats on the
other side and the row behind the first ones. My daughter and grand-daughter sat
on the left side and I and my grandson to the right. Which turned out to be trouble-
some with photography as we had the sunset and it was very bright.
We arrived at Malta at 19.10 and was picked up by Peter in a really old pickup. I had
to slam the door in order to close it. It was quite  a distance to Bugibba. Took about
45 min and it started to darken. The island looks a bit different from what I expected.
Lots of old stone buildings and kind of dry. And not much open areas. And left hand
traffic. Kind of scary.
We went to the diving shop first. And then Peter was driving us to the hotel. He will
pick us up at 8.15 the next morning. My daughter and I am welcome to join.
We had room no 9 in he Sunseeker hotel. It is a 2 room and kitchen apartment.
There was a gas stove that looks mean. There were burnt holes on the biggest gas
and I will probably not cook on hat one. After picking our choice of beds we went out
for a walk. We found a place to eat, not that good food but we ate it. Then we found
a woman that offered trips. She had a small booking agency. And she has one
 “Swimming with dolphins”.  We have to think on that.
Time is 22.0 and the others are already sleeping.  The Castle was shot by Johanna
from the frontseat of the car on the way to Bugibba.
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