Malta 110421 thursday at Cirkewwa

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110421 thursday
Peter picked us up at 9.30 after a small misunderstanding. We had to wait a while as he had the other divers to work with. When we met them it turned out to be the people we sat beside at the plane to Malta. :)

We were going to the northern part  of Malta today. A place called Cirkewwa. Thats where the ferry to Gozo goes from. Véronique was the second driver but she went back to Bugibba after leaving us, Marcus, Janet and me, up there. This is a barren island. And a lot of buildings everywhere. Not much of a wild nature as I expected. Véronique said they are buidling a lot but most of the flats are empty. Miscalculation or what?

We passed the two reserves I am planning to visit, but they were hardly even visible. Maybe it will be a dissapointment. There were not much birds in the divingsite either. Some sparrows, a gull and a dove.

This diving site was rather boring. But there were a certain wild beauty if you forgot about the buildingsite and the ferry.

While the divers got ready for diving Janet and I spent the time shooting jellyfisk and sharp rock formations. We also entered the tower look-out that was built there. But that was tricky because there were cement particles thrown from the buildingsite and that was not fun.

Johanna and Marcus started to dive before the others. So they made some shallow diving getting used to camera and some cards with speices on it and at omake notes.  And Janet and me took a lot of pics of course. It looked rather nice seeing the bright colors of the foot fins in the water. It looked good to see them against the bottom in he shallow water.

When they were all diving Janet and I walked around a bit. Not much to see so we started to compare her new camera to my equipment. Her new PowerShot, SX230HS has 14x enlargement. It seems like her little camera is as good as my stuff. But probably not as fast as my 400D. Later I realised I had photographed a "turtle", a rock that looked like a turtle head. :)
There were a kiosk nearby where we had lunch and waited out the time they had to spend before the next dive.

After the next dive and the procedure at the shop Peter drove us back to the hotel.

The woman with the tour agency was supposed to leave a message at the hotel during the afternoon, but when we came back there were none. So, we went up to the agency and got it all. We are going on monday. :)  Then we checked out where the bus will leave from.

Walking around a bit checking shops and restaurants. We ended up in a restaurant at the town square. I took a wrap with chicken and the others different pastas. It was rather OK.

Back at the apartment we uploaded all shots to my computer. Both mine, Johannas underwater-camera and Janets camera. And then over to a USB-memory as well. That way we have backups on everything. And we don´t have to send things by mail when we come home.
Johanna and Marcus went through all fish photos as they had to identify them till tomorrow.

I am the last one up as usual. Nighty!

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  1. Så spännande och intressant med dykning, men jag tror inte jag skulle våga...

  2. That rock really looks like a turtle! Beautiful shot of the divers from above.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. beautiful clear water! :0

  4. It looks like a great place to swim!


    Puddles of water and drops of dew—
    What does it take to satisfy you?
    A rushing river, a roiling sea—
    That’s what it takes to satisfy me!

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  5. Jag förstår att du hade en trevlig tid på Malta!

  6. Wow looks like you had fun and the place is gorgeous! Happy Wednesday!

    Watery Wednesday

  7. Love the pic with the two divers, because one can see the different colors of the bottom of the sea. Great to do this AND take pics!


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