Storulvån 110617 Friday Last day

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NF Photo 110617 at Storulvån in Jämtland, Sweden. :)

Storulvån 110617 Last day
Today we should meet a little later as we had to pack and clean the rooms before we left for the last hike on the mountains.

We woke up at 7 and started to clean up and pack. Then I had time for a short walk to see if I could get another look at the  Blue throat.

When everyone was done with breakfast, packing and making lunch package we gathered outside to leave for the last hike. While waiting I spotted a man doing some welding work. Had to take a shot of course. 

We headed halfway upside the mountain. Stoped at one place where Johan showed us how to see the normal snowlevel in winter on the trees. The trees were "marked" with a special kind of dark lichen at that point. It was as high as I am tall. :) Interesting to know.

Then we turned left to follow the river downstream. But we were higher up of course. :)

Todays walk was more on the same level, not much more ups and downs. Except for when we came to the hanging bridge

Water stop

 In places like these you don´t need to carry that much water, you can drink from the streams you pass.  It is clean good water. Really good actually. You never get that at home. Not even bottle water. Really, I skipped all wine to dinner this week and only had drinking water from the stream. Well, back to hiking.
We passed the hanging bridge and enjoyed the scenery and rested a while. Beside the river was, still, lots of ice and snow left. It was beautiful and made some great shots I think.
We continued a bit and came to an area with small ponds. We chosed a place with a big stone to be our "camp" and left our gear there and went to explore the surrounding area. Not that much birds but nice anyway. We had our lunch at the "camp". And I took some shots of some plants.

NatureFootstep alias Monica

Then we left and after a while we had a shower coming down at us. I checked out some finches I spotted at a patch of snow. It turned out to be gråsiska - Carduelis flammea - Common Redpoll. And then I had to run after the others.

Then the highlight of the day. We were spotted by a Short-eared Owl - Jorduggla. It obviously had a nest on the ground because it tried to lead us off in other directions. It was fun to watch when it landed on the ground and played wounded. The right wing was very badly wounded I think. :)  It was really fun to watch.It was quite a show it put on And so our guide thought too. He had never seen this behaviour before. Nice! :)

Jorduggla - Short-eared Owl

Soon after that I spotted a Meadow pipit - ängspiplärka flying over some bushes. I managed to get some decent shots of it flying.

We came back to the Lodge around 16.00 and dinner should be at 18.00 so I made another walk alongside the river. Today we had a lot of bread to choose from as they had had a bakery class for some people. Most of the bread was good.

After dinner we met at the balcony for a last birdlist and to write the usual note about how the stay had been.

Then we were picked up by a car at 19.30 that drowe us to the station. This time I had the bed at the ceiling. But it was OK.

In the morning the train passed my city and stoped at Hallsberg where I had to waite a while for a train to go back to Katrineholm. I was home around 10.00 Saturday morning with aching legs. And lots of nice memories.


  1. Oh, a great tour indeed! Love your photos, particularly the owls! Enjoy your week!


  2. A great hike and I really loved the owl.

  3. natural spring water is sweet. marvelous photos of the owl.

  4. A lovely stroll with you.
    Great images.

  5. It all sounds like a fantastic visit and place to hike. I can just imagine that beautiful cold water. Great photos of the owl and fantastic to see it trying to lure you away.

  6. Great bird sightings and photos. The owl in flight is awesome.

  7. To see a owl like that would be fantastic! That is really some gorgeous high country. Thank for sharing your walk. I'll bet you slept good high bunk or not!

  8. What a wonderful tour with beautiful scenery! You got a lot of great shots!

  9. OH fabulous trip---I would love a trip such as that myself!! Awesome photos of the owl and the pipit

  10. What a fun trip. Thank you for sharing your photos with us.

  11. Am glad to meet you in photo Monica! You had such wonderful trips, and you're documenting them so informatively. This time i love that owl, it is so cute, and your description of its antics and decoy drama were lovely too. I am inviting you to see my waterfalls from last weekend's trip!


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