Storulvån 110616 Storulvåfjället

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Storulvån 110616 Storulvån
Today I woke up at 6. A bit too early so I stayed in bed for a while. Then I dressed and went out to find the Bluethroat again. And so I did. And got some good shots at it. I think I also managed to get some video too, but I have to check that out.
At breakfast I heard that a Redtail was singing outside so I got back for the camera and took some shot of it too.

At 8.45 we gathered outside and started the hike. We crossed the river and went up the hills.

It was sunny and rather warm. The hike turned out to be rather difficult. But that was expected.
After a while we came to a spot with snow. And there was two European golden plover (ljungpipare). It started out good. :) The shot to the left shows me with all the gear I carry. It is quite heavy. But so far I manage. That point was the highest point we were at.

Then some of the guys found a Dotterel (fjällpipare)  and  close to that one I found a Rock Ptarmigan (fjällripa).  But after that it was not much birds. On the other hand there was a lot of nice tiny mountain/alpine flowers up there. When we were rather high up we took a break and our first coffee. Then we continued and it had gotten cloudy and started to rain. We walked throu a kind of marsh land, very wet but not so hard to walk on. There were mosses and lichens without the slippery mud beneath.

During the day I got some new spices. Long-tailed Skua (Fjällabb), Ring Ouzel  (ringtrast) and Short-eared Owl (jorduggla)  at StorUlvåfjället/Stuore Viekejalla. On the way back we passed the little lake Ulvåtjärn. A great place for fishing and swimming it is said.

European Golden Plover (Ljungpipare) to the right.

So I was happy. The entire hike was hard work and my feet and back are very tired. But it was beautiful and nice. We walked about 15 km in rough terrain. And went up to about 1000m above sea level. It is good to walk in a group like this. You see much more then you would if you were on your own.

Photo of Fjällabb - Long-Tailed Skua in action. Trying to chase us of the nesting area

The dinner was quite good but fish again. I am not that good at fish. I don´t know what they do to it because the fish is slippery. :(

We went throu todays birds list at dessert as it was not so many today.

At 21.45 we did meet again. This time to go out and watch some Great Snipes dancing in the night. (dubbelbeckasin som leker). I am tired but I will go anyway. It might be the only way I can ever be able to se anything like that. I would never have found that place without Johan to show us. We were in the end of the season so it was not that intense. But we did see and hear a few male birds singing and dancing. There is a science project about this spieces as we were informed of  yesterday.

Dubbelbeckasin/Great snipe  projekt
Back at the Lodge at 01.00.The sun is still up.  And tomorrow is the last day. :)
View over Sylarna at 22:25,  110616

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  1. Aaahhh....A lady after my own heart!

    I can't think of a better way to spend the day.

    I have always felt I could spot more wildlife while hiking alone...large groups tend to be noisy. Maybe I will have to re-think this. It seems you had many wonderful sighting in a group. Do you think it is because you each notice different things?

    Thanks for linking up with "Behind the Camera" :)

  2. Wow, i can't imagine the 15km hike. At least it is cool in Sweden, which part are you? I've been to Lund and up to Stockholm and Uppsala. I miss your country with very kind people. Here it is difficult to walk long as it is hot and humid, you get easily tired, and those gadgets especially the long lenses for birding will be very heavy!

  3. Tammy, My experience so far is that when you are on familiar ground it is good do be alone. You know what to expect then. But on a journey to new places it is good to be in a group because there are many eyes to see things and we tell each other. And we learn from each other. Helping out to ID birds and such. And so far, it has not been that much of chit-chatting. Other then at meals of course.

    Andrea, I am from Katrineholm. Central Sweden.


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