Storulvån 110615 Wednesday, Ånnsjön, outdoors

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Storulvån 110615 Wednesday
I woke up once during the nigtht but went to sleep again. Then I woke up at 6.30. I dressed and went out to see if I could see some blue throat. I walked to the other side of the river but had little luck. Two of the guys were also out in the same business. We heard, but did not see, the Whimbrel (små spov). When I turned around to walk back for breakfast, I did see the Bluethroat, but only for 2 sec in the binoculars. Then it flew away.

Breakfast at 7.30 and I asked if I could borrow a thermos. I did not recieve the second letter and had noone with me as that letter suggested. Well, I got one and fixed my lunch. They offer a great breakfast. Good bread, eggs, juice and everything you need. Then I went down to look for the Bluethroat at another spot as I had some time to spare.   Somebody had seen it at the litter station behind the Lodge . And I did see it again and even  got some shots.

We left for Ånn´s trainstation at 8.45. It took a while to get there. The distance about 30 km. It was not that far to the first hidings we visited. I emediately spotted some Red-necked Phalarope (smalnäbbad simsnäppa). There were 3 of them in the pond. 2 were a pair as they started to mate.  I got some great shots I think. :) That is the highlight of the day. As was the Siberian Jay (lavskrika). A very cool bird. We saw it several times and it kept us company for a while. It seemed to like pieces of ham and steeled whatever it could. :). It was fun. It was following us to the tower. At least I think it was the same one.

There was a lot of wetland to pass during the day. Walkboards were in place but sometimes in a bad shape. Slippery and tilting. But we managed. We stoped at several hidings and towers and saw quite a lot of birds. I think I had 4 new species and some that I got better shots of. I´ll try to get some maps to show where we walked.The weather turnd out to be better then we hoped for. Cloudy all day, but no rain until we headed for the cars to go back to the station.

My feet is not used to rubberboots and start to hurt a bit. But No blisters so far.

Back at Storulvån some of us went to see if we could find the Bluethroat again, but no luck this time. I went back to take a shower before dinner and to load the shots into this computer.
Me, in the wetland

Today I have no clue of what we had for dinner except for dessert that was blueberry mouse. ? . I think the meat was thin slices of lamb meat. The frst-course was some thick soup that was very spiced. Rather good actually.

Then we gathered at the conference room to go throu todays birds, 65 I believe. :) And then Johan had a lecture about the Great Snipe (dubbelbeckasin) we are to visit tomorrow evening. It was great.

My room mate is sleeping by now and it is 22.35. It is still rather light outside. Up north like this it is closing in to midnight sun.
The map to Ånnsjön area.

Tomorrow we shall walk Storulvån Mountain, above the tree line. On "kalfjället"
Sleep tight.
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