Malta 110427 wednesday

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Malta 110427 wednesdayWe spent the morning preparing the photos for Peter.

We made the second attempt to gpo to the caves today. But as it was still windy it was doubtful. And today the man didn´t even bother to show up. :( 11.15 we went back to the hotel by making a lot of window-shopping. Well, not entierly, Janet bought herself a new bikini.

After a lunch, bread and drink, we went to Emma to get our deposit back for the tour. And then to Peters shop. I continued to the other side of the main road to see if there were any birds there. There were doves, of course, and some swallows. Apart from that, nothing. I went to the dive shop.

The others has some plans to go to Valetta, Maltas "Old Town" area. But it turned out to be cutting hair and doing a tattoo instead. Then I went to the point again for a while. Not so long as we were to look for a restaurant that Emma had recomended. Turned out to not be what we wanted so we turned back and hit the jackpot. There was a china restaurant and as Johanna had wanted that for a time we went in. And got a big surprice. Everything was delicious. We took several dishes and it was all good. Well prepared and seasoned. Why did we not find it earlier? When we were leaving I asked the lady for a card so we could remember it. She was surprised because she thought we did not like it as we did not order dessert. :) The name of the place? Leisure Time Chinese cuisine!

I started to pack as we have to leave the appartment at 11.00 tomorrow. Johanna has the computer to save images on Peters USB-memory.
Sleep tight!

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