120624 Skottland - Scotland, day1 Sunday

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Our World Tuesday

120624 Sunday, day 1

Woke up at 3.30. Too early I felt.
I fixed everything and was ready to leave at 4.50. I was driving Katrineholm-Södertälje-Arlanda. I had never been driving that road so early in the morning before so I was not prepared for the low sun that caused me a lot trouble when driving. Sometimes I had to slow down as I had a hard time seeing anything but the sun.
I reached Arlanda Car park at 7.40 and had some trouble finding it. But a Taxidriver helped out. Then I had trouble finding the way to Terminal 4. Bad or none direction signs anywhere. It was good to have plenty of time. :(

Well after finding where to check in I was done at 8.25. Nowadays you have to do it all yourself. Today I even had to put the baggage tag on the suitcase myself. Getting free of the luggage I sat down to eat what I brought.

I met the rest of the group at the Gate. We are 8 persons on the tour, tourguide included. Time for the flight was 1h55min a bit shorter then sceduled. We flew over the south part of Norway where it was some snow still lingering in the valleys. We landed in Edingburgh at 10.55 local time.  There were a traffic jam due to some celebrations so it took quite a while to get out of the airport area with the coach that picked us up for the drive to the rental shop. I felt sorry for a lot of people on their way to the airport. They left their cars and started running toward the airport. I hope they made it. Luckily the worst part of the traffic jam was over when we headed east along the coast.

Arriving at Open Arms in Darlington at 14.00 we checked in and had something to eat. Then left to visit the Tantallion Castle and Bass Rock. There was some hard showers and sunshine too. Bass Rock was really beautiful in that weather condition. Lots and lots of birds looking  like snowfall against the thunderdark skies with a sun shining through. Gorgeous! I was lucky to catch one Gannet rather close.
I met a Duch couple and helped them a little with the birds.

Bass Rock images on NF Photo

We also visited Scottish Seabird Centre in North Berwick from where you could see Bass Rock from an other angle.

Birding at Moray Firths coast and Aberlady Bay before heading back for dinner and birdlist. It was getting dark so it was not so much to see. Except for a nice set of sun rays.

I´m tired. It´s been a long day. Checking the shots for today. Took a shower and going to bed.

Night at Hotel Open Arms, Dirleton http://www.openarmshotel.com/  It was the hotel with fake book shelves. :)             
Birds today:
Knölsvan, gravand, hussvala, storskarv, havssula,storspov, bläsand, strandskata,svartkråka, kråka, ringduva.

Tomorrow at 6.00h.
Birding the coast before breakfast

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  1. What a fantastic shot of Bass Rock with the birds in the sun.

  2. What an incredible looking place! Terrific captures! Sounds and looks like a fantastic trip! Thanks for sharing with us!!

  3. Beautiful place, and photos. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  4. Thanks for this beautiful tour.

  5. What a great place to go birding!

  6. Living near a place called White Rock, I have to say that Bass Rock is massive beyond compare. I like the birds that absolutely do look like snowflakes drifting over the horizon. Looks like there will be many breathtaking moments (including trying to deal with traffic) during your journey. :)

  7. You have captured this amazing rock beautifully.

  8. Such beautiful captures today! Enjoy your week.

  9. Day one was exciting - I can't wait to read how day two went!

  10. Anonymous16 July, 2012

    The birds on the rock make an incredible image indeed. Thank you very much for this nice journey. Please have a good Tuesday.

    daily athens photo

  11. thanks! There will be more days coming for sure.

  12. What a wonderful trip to Scotland. It looks beautiful there. The Bass rock looks like a fantastic place to see the birds. Awesome photos, thanks for sharing.

  13. OMG, that's a lot of birds! I can't imagine where they get all the food they need! And i wish to see that castle (?) or building cut by the frame at the Bass Rock photo. It also looks awesome because it is built on the rock!

  14. Wonderful captures of the day, have another adventurous day again! :)

  15. Wonderful photos of your first day in Scotland! I would love to go there some day. Can't wait to see more!

  16. Looks like you are having a great trip. Great shots.Have a great day!


  17. This all makes me want to spend some time back in the UK - and it can’t rain any more than it did here last week!

    Stewart M - Australia

  18. Wow! What a trip ~ and such fantastic shots ~ Wonderful ~ keep us posted ~ thanks, ^_^ ( A Creative Harbor)

  19. Helt underbart fångade vyer. Ser fram emot fler vackra foton!!!

  20. Oh, wow, I really enjoyed reading about Day 1 of your trip and seeing those amazing photos! Good thing you got up early. The rock covered with gannets and then the close-up of one of them really made my day. Looking forward to Day 2.


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