120625 Skottland-Scotland , day 2 Monday

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120625 Monday, day 2 
Woke up at 5.30  a bit too early. But I went up nevertheless.  As I had some trouble getting connected last night I tried a different thing. The plugs I brought with me did not fit for the computer. But I realised I could connect the computer in the shaving plug in the bathroom.  Great, then I can upload my shots. Never mind sitting on bathroom floor. :)
Birding the coast before breakfast at Aberlady bay. We left at 6.05. It was a nice morning with sun but a bit shilly. It was the same location as last night but now we headed over the bridge and walked for a bit. It is a place with many environments. Bushes, medows and waters. We spotted some small birds and then we saw a Little Grebe (smådopping) with 2 chicks in a pond. So nice to see as I never really seen them before. Not this close.

Aberlady Bay at low tide
This was a great birding site with a variety of birds. I liked it.

Back to the hotel for breakfast we got a bad surprise. Last night when we were supposed to pay for the dinner the staff  told us it was included. But now they said they made a mistake and we had to pay for it anyway. Never mind. The breakfast was ok. Lots of food, actually too much. tee, coffee, juice, egg in various forms, and other fried stuff. I only had one egg and bread. Can´t eat that much.

Birds so far, sorry swedish names: storspov,gravand,tofsvipa,rödbena, skrattmås, sävsparv, bofink, gråhäger, svartmes u bild, sävsångare, smådopping, kentsk tärna, svartkråka, knölsvan,  Räv

A part of the model at Glenkinchie Distillery
Leaving Open Arms at 9.30 and headed south to Glenkinchie Distillery. It was cloudy when we arrived. We were allowed to see the museum and their great model of teh process of making whisky. It was very interesting. I asked the man in the shop about the model. He said it was actually working. It would be possible to make whisky in it. Fascinating! Some of us did a little shopping and then we left. But outside the guide heard a sound. A Firecrest (brandkronad kungsfågel) was heard in the trees. Sadly enough we could not see it. :(

I did catch a Dipper in mid-flight. Do you see it?
Now we headed east to the coast of Northern part of England. We took a road up in the Lammermuir Hills. There we saw some Curlew (storspov) and a few other species. But not  the Red legged partridge as we hoped for. It was a beautiful country. From the wild barren hills we came to a lowland with lots of small lakes. Geeze liked them as it seemed. Then we made a stop at a creek. Itwas nice and we saw svallows and a dipper.
We had a late lunch in a pub in a small town and then we proceeded to Lindisfarne at the coast. It was still low tide so we could drive all the way out. We walked in the village and the ruins of the monastary. It was actually a great biding site too. Walking out of the village we came to a hill at the waters edge. It was a beautiful view from that location over the beach now free from water. But the tide was changing and the water was about to rise. So we had to find our way back to the parking lot again. Now I was behind the others. They had left without me noticing it. But I guessed where they went. The place was not that big. We left and passed the low tide area and stoped at the other end to see the tide rise again. For people from areas without the tide this is quite a nice thing to see.
I was there too. Still low tide and possible to drive over.

Hotel Bamburgh Castle Inn, Seahouses. My room is located at the third floor with a really steep stairway. It is not fun. But the room is OK and have a beautiful view over the small harbour. Dinner again soo much food. But I found a smaller dish, childrens menue,  and ordered that one. :)

I had more trouble with the computer. In this hotel I had to sit in the restaurant to be able to connect. I wanted to do that so I could write some and also make a post in my blog. But then I could not charge the battery as they had no plug for shavers. Well, well. I make notes. Hoping for a solution tomorrow.  :)
The little harbour outside my window

Took a shower and went to bed. Tomorrow will be a great day.
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  1. Sounds like a great trip. Thanks for the tour and I enjoyed your shots. Too funny about the bathroom computer room. Glad it worked out even if you had to sit on the floor.

  2. Great tour!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  3. What abeautiful view of the harbour. Sounds like you're seeing quite a bit of the North East.

  4. Beautiful birds, beaches and boats. Great captures.

  5. I enjoyed looking at your pictures. It reminded my of our travels there in the late 80s.
    I have started a new Mandarin Oange Monday - would love it if you shared one of the orange- ish pics there :)

  6. Anonymous24 July, 2012

    It looks wet but beautiful!

  7. The coast of Northumbria used to be my local patch when I lived in the NE.

    My heart goes out to the distillery, but my liver says no!

    Stewart M - Australia

  8. Great, i am sure you had a wonderful day. You enumerated a lot of birds, how plenty!

  9. What a gorgeous trip you are taking. The pictures are beautiful. How I wish I was there. I bet it is a wee bit nippy. Love the birds and the harbors....genie

  10. Sewart. :) Thanks every one


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