121116 Morocco Day 7 Friday, Dakhla area

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121116 Morocco Day 7 Friday,

Woke up at 6.10. I had been up once during the night but slept again. Now we had breakfast at 6.30 for departure at 7. We had mostly the normal breakfast but the bread was "hamburger bread" and we had to get the coffee from the bar. But that is just details, it was tasty and nice.

Today we spent the time on Dakhla peninsula and Dakhla Bay. We left at 7 and the driver had some trouble finding the way out of town. We wanted to go south along the coast. I don´t think those guys had any map to consult. :)

We found the road and headed south along the coast. Stoped here and there to look for sea birds. At first it was hard as it was still dark and a bit foggy. Most of the birds seen was gulls, terns, gannets and a few vaders like a Sandpiper (Drillsnäppa).

At the south point of the peninsula was a fishermens village of sort. We only turned the bus there. Nobody went out. It did not look nice. I did not see any woman so my guess is only men lived and worked there. Living in simple sheds.

We saw a lot of small boats on the water during the day.

On the road back there was a low area with tides and a lot of birds. Mostly gulls of course but also vaders and two Eurasian or African Spoonbills (skedstork). A nice sight.  

After "lunch" we headed north. Passed by Dakhla city, still birding here and there. Lots of terns and gulls. At the north end of the bay was a camping site. When it was high tide they used to do different sort of water sports in that area. There was also flamingos. :)

Back in town there were the, now usual, routine. And there are also some birding opportunities in town too.  Finding somewhere to buy next days lunch and then back to the hotel for a quick shower before meeting the others. Going through the days birds and then dinner. Tomorrow we will be early birds. Up at 04.00 to go deep into the desert. The hotel will provide us with breakfast.

Dakhla on Panorimo
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day 7, 121116 Friday, Dakhla Bay,

day 7, 121116 Friday, night in Dakhla
Bab El Bahr Hotel, Ave Al Moukaouama, Dakhla. Tel 05 28 93 14 40

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  1. Looks like a beautiful place to visit. I enjoyed your shots.

  2. Great shots for the day and such a lovely place!! Thanks for taking us along through your photos! Enjoy your week!!

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  9. Great looking part of the world - I'd love to go back to North Africa, but it a bit far away for a weekend trip!

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  10. Et herlig bidrag til temaet!
    Flotte bilder!

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