121117 Morocco Day 8 Saturday, Aousard and Oued Jenna

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121110-121124 South Morocco and WestSahara
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121117 Morocco Day 8 Saturday, Aousard, Oued Jenna

Waiting for the bus outside the hotel
Woke up at 3.35 to be ready to leave the hotel, Bab El Bahr Hotel, at 04.00. The hotel provided us with our breakfast take away. :) It was dark of course, and most of us tried to get some more sleep in the bus. It took about 4h as we headed 250km straight into the desert. I woke up about 7 to see if the sun was rising but it took another 30 min before I could start shooting and we were almost at our first stop.
 Oued Jenna 8.05, at km 25, they had km stones to show where you are ;) But I don´t know wher the counting started.

We stoped at Oued Jenna and had our breakfast. It was quite nicely arranged. Even though the egg shells was crushed. :)  As soon as people had finished their breakfast they started to look for birds. Looking for songbirds mostly, but the first thing we spotted was a desert raven. But our hopes for Cricket Longtails (Sahel sångare) was not met. But I found lot of other things then birds. Sand, grass, butterflies. IT was beautiful. We did see Thick Knees but I did not get good shots.
It had been raining during the long ride to the location but it was not all wet. It was kind of fun to see how the sand curved itself to look like cinnamon pins .( Kanelstänger. ) Strange! Well, I did not see many birds but a lot of other things. Like patterns in the sand looking much like the arabic handwritings. A very beautiful language to look at.

(Tjockfot, slagfalk, Monarc fjäril, svart kronad finklärka,  (flygande), medelhavsstenskvätta, ökensprav)

10,40 we change location to KM 29
More of Grey Shrike, Desert Sparrow and the Monarch butterfly
11.30 KM 20     km 41 Cricket Warbler (Sahelsångare)
(Skvätta, kungsörn Sahelsongare, slagfalk mm)

First we went on the left side of the road. Lots of the bushy grass and trees. Some people saw a Cricket Warbler (sahelsångare) but not all. I didn´t. We walked a long time on that side to try to find the bird again but failed. Back at the bus we went across to the other side and now we was more lucky. We found one and after a while everyone had seen it. The little bird can sit in that thorny tree, I woudl not get near it.   Everyone was happy, me too, even if my shots got over exposed. :( We started our long trip back to the hotel. Still 150 km too go.

Vattenhål Gleb Jdiand km 195
We arrived at the waterhole as 16.25 and went out to check out what it was looking like. There was water so Anders descided we will go there tomorrow morning to see birds come and drink.

We had the artlist at 19.00h and dinner at 20.00. My lip is a little better but still not good. Hope it will be tomorrow. Todays dinner was seafood buffee. Not my kind of food. So I took a little and a slice of bread.

Torrow we have breakfast at 6 and will leave for the waterhole at 6.30 to be sure we are there before the birds arrive.


day 8, 121117 Saturday, Aousard, Oued Jenna, div stop på återvägen
day 8, 121117 Saturday, night in Dakhla Dakhla on Panorimo
Bab El Bahr Hotel, Ave Al Moukaouama, Dakhla. Tel 05 28 93 14 40

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  1. Terrific captures and it does look like a wonderful trip!! Always fun to visit another "world"!! Have a great week!

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    I can't say I can find a favorite though. Because they are all wonderful shots!

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    McGuffy's Reader

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