150906 Celebrating the people of Vrå

150906  Celebrating the people of Vrå
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My neighbour wearing a local female dress from 6000 years ago

A male dress

Californian children learns the craft of making pottery in the rain

Old tools

Still raining. The fire needed big trunks to burn

The "kitchen". Salmon on the menu

Bows and arrows at the largest hut.

A badger and a sleeping hide

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This is a place about 20 km outside Katrineholm where I live. They found the remains of an old settlement and a group of people built this village from what was known about the area and period of time, approx 6000 years ago.

Despite of the rainy day many people visited. One family came all the way from California.

Föreningen Vrå-folket 

   Vrå-folket on wiki  The following is a translation with help from GOOGLE translate:
Vrå or Vråkeramik is a tidigneolitisk collection of settlements in Södermanland. Sometimes counted culture to ("trattbägarkeramik") funnel goblet pottery.

In 1935, regained Stone Florin a settlement at the croft little corner, in Stora Malm parish east of Katrineholm in Södermanland. The settlement had rectangular foundations of stone and stone tools, malstenar and potsherds. The literature also talks about Vrå pottery. The earliest pottery (funnel cups) were found in the settlement at Mogetorp, Stora Malm parish, just west of Katrineholm. The vessels have laces and seal impressions and round bottoms. They are made of clay with magring (?) free of lime of crushed granite.

Mogetorps habitation is high at Littorina highest boundary. The bone material is almost decomposed. In the little corner also has bone material is partially decomposed, but it has been able to draw conclusions that the Stone Age population there made a living by fishing, hunting, ranching and farming. The ceramics This is in comparison with Mogetorp richer and more varied decor. The color of the vessels are not from greyish to dark gray, but from greyish to brownish yellow.

Settlement at Brokvarn in Turinge west of Sodertalje representing the youngest phase in Vrå. Ceramics have flat bottoms and recalls pit pottery. Sometimes the mouth brink equipped with finger and nail impressions. The color of the vessels is from yellowish brown to grayish brown.

Even at Malma heath in Malmköping found a settlement related Vrå.


  1. Wow, the settlement is an interesting place to visit and learn how the early settlers lived. The huts are neat! Great post and photos.

  2. We Californians have been so dry the past few years that I'm sure they loved being there in the rain!!!

  3. Looks like a fun day to go back in time.

  4. What an interesting site. It reminds me of Jamestown here in Virginia.

  5. I love prehistoric times, and seeing this re-creation of this stone age settlement, where people can do interactive things to learn about the people who lived there, is wonderful!

  6. Very cool! I enjoy experiencing recreations of settlements and everyday life of olden times.
    Take 25 to Hollister

  7. Interesting Post and photos :).

    Sriram & Krithiga


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