150929 Trolle Träsk Ruin

Trolle Träsk Ruin 

Today I finally visited the ruins of Trolle Träsk, which means "Troll marshes". I have seen glimpses of it many times when I was out paddling but never visited it. Now I finally got there. 

I had to walk a narrow path through a wet forest to get there. I could have been better off with a pair of rubber boats but I managed. It was only 500 m to walk through the forest. One part on a boardwalk. The remains was much larger then I had expected and very beautiful. There are a sign at the end of the post. 

Quote from the signs:  "The ruin at Trolleträsk is the remains of a medieval so called cellar-(night)-house which was used as supplementary sleeping quarters to the main building - probably the predecessor of the nearby manor-house Stora Djulö - as well as a hall.

The ground-plan is a rectangle with two wings. The main building had probably one single room lit by six narrow windows. When the ruin was investigated in 1938 several joints were found on top of the walls, which indicates that the building originally had a wooden upper storey. "

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Trolleträsk ruin
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