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Today we spent the whole day at the Jigokudani Monkey Park.
First we had breakfast in the dining room across the outdoor "hall". We had to cross in our socks as that is the costum. But the makaks did not need any socks as they were passing through the hallway to go to the park. After finishing the meal we headed to the park. It was only 5 min walk  up a slope. Looking back there was a wonderful, wintery, wild, view over the Lodge clinging to the mountainside. Surrounded by the hot water stream and geyser. Having our tickets we could go back and forth as we pleased. 
It was not much snow or cold so there was not many monkeys in the pool. And hardly no young playing around in the pool. They were elsewhere. 

We asked the staff about that and they told us that people had been too close to the monkeys and disturbed them so now they hesitate to go into the pool. Not fun with 10 cameras right up your nose when you are in the SPA. The staff had now build a fence to try to keep visitors at a distant from the monkeys. We can just hope it helps. If not this attraction will soon be history. The makaks will still come for food, but not to play around in the pool. 

We went back to the Lodge for lunch and then back to the park. And stayed there until 5 when the park closed and most monkey already left to go to where they spend the night. 

On the hillside we also spotted the rare Serow. A goatlike antilope. An animal that lives their life in slow motion. No fast running there. We spotted three of them. Probably a pair with a young. 

There were still time to see the setting sun. So that is what I did before it was time for dinner. With no tv, computer or anything it was very nice with an early night. You sleep great in those beds. 

Tomorrow we will have 2 more hours at the park before we begin the walk to get back to Tokyo

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The images today are mostly of the Makaks. I have so many images I will have to create another post later on for more.

© NF Photos 160128  Jigokudani Monkey Park
Someone wants to drive to "work"

 The pool is smaller then I thought

 Enjoying themselves in the spa

A young one playes around

The Serow and a Makak on the hillside

Looking good!


Finding it´s own spot in the sun.

The Lodge with the hot water stream and geyser.  The Park the Makaks visits daily is in the sunny area
5 min walk from the Lodge. The Makaks is passing through the lodge to get there.

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Heldag hos de japanska makakerna i Jigokudani Monkey Park, där åtskilliga tusen apbilder hamnat på våra minneskort! Underbara fotolägen på de totalt orädda, väldigt söta och otroligt charmiga aporna, då de badar i den heta källan eller hoppar omkring och äter och busar. Inte mycket fåglar idag, men åtminstone brun strömstare och en flock japanska stenknäckar noterades. Extra intressant var minst 3 Serow, en mycket udda så kallad getantilop som är endemisk för Japan.


  1. Hello, these are cool images from your Japan trip! The monkeys are a great sight to see. The Makak is a new animal for me. I love the shot of Mom and the baby. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  2. What a fun post! I've seen photos of these monkeys and would love to see them some time. Sad they feel encroached upon somewhat but maybe the fence will help. Great photos!

  3. Interesting shots....I like the two in the spa!

  4. Oh!! It looks like that one is trying to catch snowflakes on his tongue!! ha. What a great shot.


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