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Today I´m going to meet with a lot of woman. We have a network of female birders called "Rapphönan". Rapphöna is the Swedish name for Grey Partridge. (the word höna means hen in English, meaning woman only) It is a network that will make it easier for woman birders. It started a few years ago and now groups are popping up in many areas. What I am about to attend is a trip arranged by the main group. With woman from all parts of the country.

One reason for me to attend is the fact that I was born not far from this place, a town named Linköping,  but haven´t been there since childhood.

Tåkern is close to one of the largest lakes in Sweden. Vättern. It was restored a few years ago and a new visitor center was built. It was built of reed harvested from the lake. Tåkern has the largest reed area we know of  in Europe.

Well, I left my home after lunch. I wanted a good time to get to the hostel where we should meet.  It would take me about two hours to get there. First the drive was not that fun as they rebuild the road to those narrow fenced types and I hate driving in them. They say it is safer but I doubt it. 

When I got to the town Vadstena they were working on the streets too. I was redirected. That turned out to be good. I spotted the old Vadstena Castle. As I was early I decided to stop and take a look. So I was wandering around studying the castle trying to remember what I learned in school. They were, of course, restoring the castle too. Everytime I visit a castle they seem to work on them.

Finally I went on and headed for Borghamn hostel. I drove in Östergötland farmland now. We used to say "it is flat as a pancake" it is visible in the image.

I arrived at the hostel in late afternoon. Got my room and a bed and went out to explore. They have a lovely little pier with stony beaches and crystal clear water. I took a lot of shots of the waves before I went on to take a look at the meadows. 

The stony beach of Lake Vättern.

The little harbor at the hostel. Below.

At 18.00h we all met for dinner. 48 woman in all. Lots of talk and info. I know a few of them since before. 

After dinner we headed out on our first tour. First stop was a lookout over Vättern. 

We spotted a few swans and ducks on the water. 

To the right of this place was a house where a famous woman, Ellen Key, once lived. She had a very steep garden. I noted the setting sun glowing in the waves hitting the rocks.

Second stop was Alvastra Kloster ruin. The ruins of  a monastery for nuns. It was getting dark so we mainly listened for birdsong and was looking at the ruins. Finally we made a short stop in a reed area to listen to birdsong. 

Then we drove, a small dirtroad on Omberg, following the shore of Vättern back to the hostel for a nights sleep. As usual on birding trips it will be an early morning. 

Driving on Omberg with the sunset over Lake Vättern

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  1. Looks like a pretty country. A lovely place for your birding outing and trip! The last shot of the sky is beautiful. Happy Birding, have a happy weekend!

  2. Sounds like a fun time was had by all!! And what great captures!! Thank you, as always, for sharing the beauty!! Have a great weekend!!

  3. Very beautiful surroundings captured. Thanks for sharing this amazing place.

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Alex's World! - http://alex.kakinan.com

  4. nice post!...looks like a calm & peaceful place!

  5. beautiful photos as usual - think my favourite is the one of the ruins - I would have a great time exloring those :-)

  6. This looks like such a great trip! Your photos are just awesome, but I have to say that the sunset is terrific.

  7. Great photographs... such a beautiful place that I've never visited.
    Your sunset is fantastic and a great one to finish the post ;)

  8. So beautiful, the beach at the Lake looks amazing, somewhere you could sit for hours. Lovely set of photos x #checkoutthatview

  9. Lots of beautiful photos here! My favourite is the waves of Lake Vattern. Thanks for linking up to #CheckOutThatView (sorry it's taken me a while to comment).


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