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Today we gathered at 6.30, before breakfast, for a walk in the gardens and the surrounding area. To watch and listen to the morning music of nature. It was a beautiful, sunny, morning. Blooming spring flowers, new arrivals of birds and a fresh breeze from lake Vättern. And nobody could suspect we were 48 women walking around. A great way to start the day.

But there were more things then bird too look for. Like cottages burried in flowers. Forgetmenots to be exact.

After breakfast the bus picked us up and we headed out to explore Lake Tåkern and the National Reserve.

Our first stop was at the Ramstads bridge to look for birds of prey and what else would be there. It was a good view point for both raptors, swans, geese and smaller birds. Lots of bird song could be heard in the reed. This swan seem to say, look out,
I´m coming your way.

After that we drove to a place called Bankängen (Bank meadow). We were hoping for Eurasian curlew  (storspov) but we did not see any. It was probably a little too early for them to have arrived yet. But it was a nice walk and I found other things to capture on camera.

As people have a habit of eating a lot it was now time for lunch! So we headed for Tåkern hostel where we ate in the beautiful gardens.

From the hostel, done eating, we could chose weather we wanted to walk to Naturrum Tåkern or take the bus. I think most of us walked in the reeds and meadows. Most of the time the path was on narrow boardwalks as it was very wet. We heard Bearded Reedling but did not see it. But we did see a Red Kite. It was a nice walk in the reeds.
Svanhals äng

Along the road there was also stations for children to investigate the lake and it´s inhabitants.

Arriving at the Naturrum Tåkern, Glänås, we saw more open water and then ducks, terns and other waterfowl. Not to mention the center itself. It was cool to check out the design of the buildings and towers.

Naturrum Tåkern was built from the reed surrounding it. That´s why they are weathered and grey to the color. I did take a quick look inside. But we will ahve a Grand Tour tomorrow so I went out looking for whatever birdlife there was. It was not as much as I expected it to be. The usual sucks, swans, terns and  few raptors.

A view from the birding tower. The boardwalk we walked is seen to the left in the image.

At 16,00h we were back at the hostel for a break. I fell asleep.

Then we took a walk by the lake to get to the restaurant where we had dinner.

During the time we ate the weather turned grey and it started to rain. So when we left for the evening session, listening for night singing birds it, rained. Some of us stayed in the bus during the session, the others positioned themselves below the deck for cover. Birders are a hardy bunch :) Sorry, to dark for images at that time.

Back at the Hostel around 22.00h and everyone went to bed. Last day tomorrow with an, as usual, early morning.

Seen from the tower some young people taking a break. Same place we did but this looks very romantic. :)

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