121111 Morocco Day 2 Sunday, Birding our way to Agadir

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121111 Morocco Day 2 Sunday,
I woke up at 5.30. Packed my bags and went to breakfast at 6.15. We were all finished and the coach left hotel Ryad Mogador Gueliz and Marrakesch at 7.10.

We made a short stop at Chichaoua, Marocco to buy some water and bread for lunch. It was some hills on the way but not the mountainrange I was hoping for. When we stoped to buy breakfast there was some people begging. I´m not really comforting with that. Morocco seem to be a very divided country, both modern as well as the old way of life.  Lots of cars and busses then there are still lots of donkeys in the traffic carrying people or gods. There is a lot of litter all over the place. Especially plasticbags and bottles everywhere. I saw my first Spotless Starlings (Svartstarar) at the little marketplace.
We bought whatever we needed for the rest of the day in this little shop. They had youghurt and bread and lots of fruit. And candy and coke as you can see. Very important. :)

Belive it or not, but it started to rain. So when we did stop to streach the legs at 10.00h,  it was wet. We walked for a while among trees but did not see much birds. But we did see a yellow scorpion and a shepheard guarding sheep.

The group looking for Eremit ibis - Bald Ibis, Added 2 birds
At noon we had reached the coast and turned south. Our first birding stop was at Tamri north at the coast. We walked around in a desert like country. A few sanddunes and some sticky dry bushes. We saw a lot of Bald Ibis (Eremit Ibis) and Cream-colored Courser (ökenlöpare). It was fun. At that time the sun had finally arrived. We stayed there for about 2-3h. 

Then we moved a bit south and stoped at a beach to check for birds and have the lunch of our choice. My choise was to eat later on the bus and use the time taking shots and looking around. Lots of Bald Ibis (eremit ibis), Audouin´s Gull (rödnäbbade trutar) and ducks was there and a wonderful beach with roaring waves. It was very windy so staying away from the cliffs edge was wise. 

Then we continued south and went to a lighthouse, Cap Ghir or Cap Rhir, and a small village. Spelling in Morocco is very complicated indeed. Same thing has a lot of different ways to be expressed in writing.  I took a lot of shots at the rocky beach. The guys tried to bird with the scope but I did not even try it. It was too windy.   We saw a pair of Moussier´s Redstart (Diademrödstjärt) among a few other birds.
The village and Lighthosue of Cap Ghir

We continued to Agadir and got there around 17.30. We found a supermarket and bought what we think we need for tomorrow.

We arrived at The hotel Tulip Inn Oasis around18.00. I took a shower and then we joined at 19.30 to go through the birdlist and tomorrows scedule. As usual the others had seen a lot more birds then me.

Then, finally, we had dinner. It was a buffé and some of it was good. I had beer and a cup of coffe to it. The only hotel that offered beer. And this table in the shot was just the starters. Then there was main course and dessert. Lots! :)

Tomorrow we shall have breakfast at 5.30 and leave the hotel at 6.00h. Ouch, early again.

Ole and Eva at Tamri Nat Park
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day 2, 121111 Sunday, night in Agadir http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agadir
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  1. Great tour and photos!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  2. Sounds like a great trip. Was it a birding trip or more a sightseeing trip. Cool sighting of the Ibis and the Redstart. Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing your tour.

  3. Thanks for taking me with you on the tour. That last photo said so much I loved it.

  4. We sailed past Morocco...a ways away though!!! I think it would be fascinating there!!! I love the last photo...those are some impressive lenses!!!

  5. You seem to be having a great trip. The last photo is very interesting:)

  6. Like nomads with cameras... great photo, a great trip!

  7. Flotte bilder! Herlig tur!
    Ha en flott kveld!

  8. It looks like a very interesting journey but birding in a strong wind is a challenge.

  9. You have some very nice photos. I wouldn't think of Morocco for birding so I hope you get to see lots of interesting birds while there.

  10. Agreed... the last image sums it all up for me when on locxation somewhere..... up at em and get those optics over the shoulder

  11. What a great birding and sightseeing trip. I am loving every minute of it. Now, about that huge thingy on the ladies shoulder. Is that a special, very strong type of scope to see the birds magnified, or is it a birders camera. I am really curious. It looks heavy to me. genie

  12. Mysiga foton. Man kan ju lugnt säga att det inte är som här i Svedala ...

  13. I have only spent a very short time (less than a week) in North Africa - I think I need to go back.

    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW

    Stewart M - Melbourne


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