121112 Morocco Day 3 Monday, Oued Massa

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121110-121124 South Morocco and WestSahara
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121112 Morocco Day 3 Monday, Oued Massa

I woke up at 5 as breakfast would be served at 5.30 to have an early start of the day. I wanted to boil water for my coffee but failed rather much. I managed to break a glas when I poored cool water in a hot glas. Well, nothing to do about that. We left The hotel Tulip Inn Oasis at 6.10 going south. It was a nice sunup this morning and I was sitting with the guys, who took the first rows in the bus, and seems to want to keep them. 
We arrived at Oued Massa around 8.30 and started to walk as the driver did not dare drive all the way down. Locals told him it was muddy and not safe for a bus. It was a rather chilly morning but sunny as we started to walk. There was birds all along the way. Not many but a little here and a little there. I´ll ad the list later.

We walked along the dirt road but it was not as bad as the driver had been told. But we were ok walking it. I don´t know, maybe  it was about 2 km. But as it was first chilly, then windy and later warm it was quite tiring. It was nice, we met some local woman riding donkeys and they were a very beautiful sight. We were not really allowed to take photos of them but I could not resist taking a few from behind. They were all covered up showing only the eyes. They were nice and friendly as long as your camera was pointing downwords. I can actually understand why they wear this outfit. When it was warm and windy the clothing helped you escape flies and helped avoid a lot of sand in the regular clothes they were wearing under this dress. I also learned where the expression "kick asses" comes from. Because that was what the ladies and gentlemen did. They kicked asses to get where they wanted. :)
Oued Massa
I think this was quite a nice place to live in with the nearby village on the other side of the river and so close to the Atlantic Ocean.
I and 2  guys walked all the way down to the ocean. I wanted to see the Eurasian Sponbill (skedstork) that was supposed to be there. But they were further out still and I did not get a good look at them.
Oued Massa Nat Park

We were back at the bus at 13.00h and had the rest of our lunch. We left the place at 13.00 to go to the water reservoir or rather the channel out from it. Barrage Youssef-ben-Tachfine
This was a rather interesting place. Not that many birds but nice ones. Then there was butterflies and dragon flies. And a frog! We also had the opportunity to watch a newborn goat getting on it´s feet the first time. How wonderful that is to see.
Ökenstenskvätta - Desert Wheater

New Born
Done with the area we headed south about 15.30.
Coming up on the high level we had a stop at 16.20. It turned out to be a truck that had gone off the road and they had to lift it up. Lots of cars was blocked. The police turned out to pick out the small cars and let them pass. We, in the bus, and other trucks had to wait until the truck was on it´s wheels again. We did the artlist to pass the time and to save some when we finally could move along. We were allowed to start again at 17.30, just as we finished the artlist. Now it was getting dark and we had a red sunset. As we were almost at the highest point we now went down. It was steep and curvy, truly alpine road. Quite scary.

At Guelmim we found a Supermarket but they did not have bread or fruit. So we had to go elsewhere to find it.
Arriving at the hotel we all were disappointed. A small hotel and nothing seemed to be ready for us. No assigned rooms, no towel, two of the guys only had one blanket they said. And they were not a couple. My room has no window but the shower was good but a bit unrelieable.  And the bed too, But the door lock was difficult. At 8.30 We met for dinner. And to our surprise it was delicious. Some kind of clay cooked meal that was well spiced. O, and there was a salad starter too. I had to go and ask for a spoon so we could get the “sky” to the food to. To finish with there was a plate with desert joghurt and fruit. Lastly I and one of the couples ordered coffee.

Even if the hotel had a lot to wish for the dinner was superb. But later I heard the guys was not full. Too little food or 14 people. But Anders had spoken to our agent to change the hotel for the road back. Maybe a bit sad as the food really was great.
          Hommes blues Hotel, 447 Ave. HassanII. Guelmim Tel 05 28 77 28 21
          can´t find it, Hotel au rendez-vous des hommes bleus finns men inga bilder
Tomorrow morning breakfast at 5.30 and departure at 6.00
Oued Massa
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day 3, 121112 Monday, night in Guelmim http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guelmim Gateway to the Desert

Hommes blues Hotel, 447 Ave. HassanII. Guelmim Tel 05 28 77 28 21
can´t find it, "Hotel au rendez-vous des hommes bleus hotel" finns men inga bilder


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