121123 Morocco Day 14 Friday, Seabirds Agadir

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121123 Morocco Day 14 Friday, Seabirds

Woke up early and went out for a stroll in the hotel garden,  parks and the beach before going back to pack and have breakfast. I tried to find one of the birds we have not seen but didn´t see it.

 I like the breakfast at this hotel. Really great. The bags will stay in a luggage room over the day. We were a bit late as our second party, a man from Scotland, was waiting at the wrong hotel. But finally we embarked at the harbour. The boat was rather small and had seen better days. Probably a luxuary yaht in it days of glory. Going to the loo was not fun.

When we left the harbour we saw a Peregrine Falcon (pilgrimsfalk) snatch a Sandwitch Tern (Kentsk tärna). Funny thing is that severel of us was preparing to take a shot of the tern and did not see the falcon coming. A great experience indeed.

But  after that there was not much more. I think it was rather empty of birds but Anders seemed rather pleased. Or he pretended to in order to cheer us up.

I was confused about the haze over land until I realized it was sand in the air.

We saw the Cory´s Shearwater (gulnäbbad lira) and Red Phalarope (brednäbbad simsnäppa). There were lots of food served omboard so we were certainly not hungry when we came back to the harbour around 15.00h.
There was food for the birds also but with the lack of birds most of it was left when we turned back. We throw it out to the terns and gulls. That was the fun thing of the day if you ask me.

At one point I was rather pissed. I was just seated at the table when the Red Phalarope came into view. Like everybody else I wanted to see it and to take shots. But I was locked at the table with people on both sides and could not get out. And People standing right in the sight path not moving aside despite I begged them to move sideways and even though they was able to do it they did not. I got one shot below somebodys armpit. From the back of course.  :(

We went back to the hotel to pick up our luggage and then started the journey to Marrakesh . We took the highway this time to shorten the trip. It still took several hours. We arrived at Gueliz Hotel about 19.00h. M is very dirty and dusty and I felt it as soon as we arrived. Not a great feeling at all. My lungs would not like to live there.

Birdlist at 20.00 and then dinner. A bufé again. Tired and slept with the computer in my knee again.

Tomorrow at 9.30 we go to the market and around town. Back to the hotel for a quick shower before we go the airport.
The morning view from my hotelroom in Agadir 121123
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day 14, 121123 Friday, Seabirds by boat then transport to Marrachech
day 14, 121123 Friday, night in Marrakech
Gueliz Hotel, Avenue Hassan II, Marrakech, Tel 05 24 42 52 00
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  1. Nu har jag läst igenom din reseberättelse. Vilken fantastisk resa du gjort med så många upplevelser och fina bilder som resultat!
    Tack för att du delat med dig!

  2. Great falcon shot!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  3. What a wonderful trip you are having. I love Peregrine falcons. That is a great shot.

  4. Vilka spännande upplevelser du tar med dig hem! Tack för att du delar med dig av dina vackra bilder.
    Önskar dig en underbar fortsatt tur!

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  6. That falcon catching his breakfast was almost worth the trip though! Amazing shot....sorry everyone on the boat was so uncooperative. (I know exactly what you mean about the loo...we've been on a few older boats for tours too.)

  7. Awesome capture of the falcon!! Definitely worth the trip!! Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a great week!

  8. Wonderful trip and I love the falcon shot. Awesome photos from your trip and the header is beautiful too. Have a happy week ahead!

  9. What a great adventure, even with sandstorms and heat and obstreperous people. Nice photo essay.

  10. What a wonderful picture of the falcon! I really enjoy hearing about your trip. :)

  11. It sounds like a long day - but an interesting one. The Falcon taking the Tern is fantastic!

  12. Herlige bilder! Mye spennende å se i området rundt Agadir!

  13. The falcon snatching the tern would have been a highlight. In a way it's sad but it is nature.
    Love your header shot!
    Sounds like an amazing trip.

  14. What great shots! Looks like you had a wonderful adventure.

  15. Poor Tern, nature at it's best...I think every time I see something like that happen... You got some great images in this share!

  16. Awesome shot! I cannot wait to get back to the US to do some birding it would be a lot of fun.

    Thanks in joining Water World Wednesday Kim,USA

  17. fabulous photos! your header photo is absolutely stunning!

  18. What a trip ! the "black and white" picture of the two birds is really amazing !

  19. Sounds like an interesting....but challenging....vacation! Your shots are fantastic. I really like the morning view from the room.
    Visiting from Water World Wednesday.


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