121122 Morocco Day 13 Thursday, Guelmim - Agadir

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121122 Morocco Day 13 Thursday, Guelmim - Agadir

Woke up at 5.30 and waited a while before going up. I was a bit shocked about sleeping with the computer in my knee yesterday evening. Guess I´m really tired right now.

Well, Anders had asked for breakfast at 6 but the staff did not arrive before 6 so it took a long while before we got our breakfast. I think hotel staff promise things they really shouldn´t and the kitchen staff work as usual not knowing there was a promise to fulfil. Todays departure was at 7.05 instead of 6.30. Not much of a breakfast at that hotel, coffee and croisants that was all. No bread and no juice or anything. Hard to get filled on that menue. But we managed. At least the breakfast room was great. I loved the tables.

We headed north again with Agadir as end location. We passed the mountains where the truck had overturned on our way south. It is quite a scary road. Really alpine way. One has to be glad it is not a slippery winter road. :)

We went to Oued Massa again. It is quite a nice place. This time we had clear orders not to shoot people. To bad as I spotted a young woman on a donkey and she was gorgeous. But I´d let her be. Not too many birds this time but a night heron was one of them and a 1k Bonelli´s Eagle (hökörn). A great one indeed.
 The image Bonelli´s Eagle and Common Kestrel (tornfalk)

Dadel palm I think.

After Massa we went to the north side of Agadir. There was a Nature reserve where the Royal Palace is located but we was not allowed to enter it so we stayed at the coastal line. It was tricky to bird as we had backlight. The entire bay was shining in silver. With black birds in it. Mostly flamingos and ducks. At this location we also spotted the blue eyed magpie. It was such a beauty I really was regretting we did not see it up close.

We arrived at Oasis Hotel around 16.10 so there was lots of time before we met again for the species list and dinner. I went down to the beach and had a lot of fun. It is a large beach. Some waves came further in to the beach then expected so I got my pants wet. And very sandy feet. But so what. It was fun. But I never saw the .....
 The arial image is linked from the beach website.
I was back at the hotel in time for a shower before our artlist meeting. At dinner I sat with Ewa and Bo and shared a bottle of Moroccan wine with them. It was really good. The dinner at this hotel is special. So many great stuff in the buffé to choose from and so nicely served.
Now I will soon go back to the room and upload my shots for today and to see what my balcony view can offer me.
 Tomorrow is a sleeping morning. The breakfast is served at 6.00 and forward and the boat company will pick us up at 9.00 h. Our bags will stay in a locked room at the hotel during the day.
A late evening stroll on the  Beach of Agadir

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day 13, 121122 Thursday, åter mot Agadir, Oued Massa, Oued Sous
day 13, 121122 Thursday, night in Agadir
Oasis Hotel, Boulevard Mohamed V, Agadir Tel 05 28 84 33 13
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  1. Flotte bilder! Nydelige "himmelbilder"!

    Ser du har et bilde fra Agadir. Jeg tok et meget likt bilde av byen da vi besøkte stedet på vår tur! Har også en "Marokkohimmel" i dagens innlegg!

  2. Vackra och varma bilder, jättefint :0)

  3. NYDELIGE bilder!!:))
    Drømmer om sommer, sol og bading no:))

  4. Your travel photos are wonderful! The last photo is so atmospheric and beautiful!

  5. Yes, excellent, the last is wonderful.

  6. Great shots of your travel experience. I too liked the last photo very much.

  7. Wonderful travel shots!! The next best thing to being there! Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend!

  8. Great mood and light at the beach with its fine reflection.

  9. Fantastic shots. The shot of the bird in flight is superb.

  10. Thanks for sharing all those pictures of your travel... I love the one with the birds of prey : the difference of size between the falcon and the milan is impressive ! The last picture, the reflection of the mum and her son on the wet sand is adorable. You must have great memories on that trip !

  11. love that final shot on the beach..

  12. Flotte billeder du viser. Ønsker dig en god week-end:)

  13. Nice pic's. Especially the walk along the sea in the twilight. Thanks for showing us.

  14. Oh! That mother-boy pair pic is my favorite!

  15. j adore la derniere photo vraiment tres reussi bravo !

  16. I'm so glad you came by to share on Weekly Top Shot #73!

  17. great shots! thanx for your piece of heaven! :)

  18. Great shots, love the last one. Enjoy your day!

  19. Your walk on the beach at Agadir reminded me of Essaouira's beach. I love following your trip. It is hard to get photos of people in Morocco. I know!

  20. ahhh, you threw me back a couple of years. I lived in Morocco for a semester and road tripped all over the country.

    I went to Agadir one weekend and had a great time. Quite relaxing town, although I must say I loved Essaouira best ;)

    Great photos, though! Thanks for making me relive such wonderful memories :)

    - Maria Alexandra


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