121125 Morocco Day 16 Sunday, first train back home

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121110-121124 South Morocco and WestSahara
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121125 Morocco Day 16 Sunday, first train back home

Stockholm Arn 24.00 / 0.00 landed on time.

Spending the night at a sofa on Arlanda. Not very comfortable but why pay for a hotel to, maybe, sleep 2 hours.
Train Arlanda C                  06.13 – Stockholm C  06.37
Train Stockholm C             08.10 – Katrineholm   09.04
Well in good time before the train should leave i went down to what I thought was my station. But after waiting a while a man came and asked me why I did not enter the train that was waiting. I said it was not the right one for my ticket. Turned out that I was on the wrong station. There are two. One for the old connections and a new one for fast speeding trains. And this was the wrong one.
I was glad he came to talk to me so I could change.
I still had time to spare. Well, I got to Stockholm and had to spend an hour in that waiting hall as well before the train to my town left. I took a cab and I was home around 10 in the morning. Tired, had some breakfast and then went to sleep.

The shoes next trip is to the bin. The lens have to wait until I can get a new one.

Thanks everyone that has followed me on the trip to Morocco. Hope you enjoyed it.

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