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During the week I decided to try both birds again so when I went to Nordic Safari and  Udden this time my goal was the Western Capercaillie first night and the Black Grouse the second.

Started as last time. The ice still covered Hjälmaren so not much to see there on my short break. I arrived at Pensionat Udden in good time before lunch. I was lucky to find a  Black-throated Loon  (Storlom) in the lake. After the lunch we looked at the wolf movie and a presentation of Nordic Safari. Then we headed out in 2 cars. Some people would go to the Black Grouse and I to the Western Capercaillie. Before going to my hide we were checking some other places in the forest. And we went to Uttersberg to meet with Fredrik at 17.00. Uttersberg was a nice place with a stream and a museum. Then we headed for the area where I was last week,  Klotens Vargrevir.  Fredrik too had the same bad luck last week and wanted to try again. We picked our hides and closed at 19.00.

Monica alias NatureFootstep

Fixed the sleeping bag, arranged my stuff  and had my dinner. Looking out now and then. This time I had a squared tent and my head at one wall and feet at the other. Not much for taller people then me. When it got dark I finally spotted a bird down the road. Yes, this time will be ok. At least I´ve seen one and heard another during the evening.

I woke up at 4.30 but the area was empty. Still a bit too dark anyway. At 5.30 I had my first bird close by and then it was busy the entire time until 10.00.
From my tent I had a view to the other side of the road and there one male was lekking for 3h. Jumping up and down and pacing back and forth. With no female to join him. Poor thing.
On the moss area below there was frost and to see the birds in the sun was quite nice. I had one male with two hens and then a few other males here and there.  One male flew up and lekked quite close to Fredriks hide and I had a good view of it between some trees.

Mating in progress
I was lucky enough to see a mating even if I did not understand it at once as they where partly hidden behind a tree. Not before I saw the hen slip away I understood what had happened. The shot is rather lousy but still a proof of what I saw. Photography was not an easy task. The trees was in the way most of the time and also made it difficult to choose settings. Too dark or too bright? Hard to get it right. So, take a lot of shots and hoep for the best.

It took a long time before things calmed down enough for me to think about breakfast. But what the h-k. I wasn´t there to eat.

We were picked up at 11,00 and went back to Udden for lunch. I had seen at least 6 males and 2 females. Not bad at all.

male with 2 hens

 I was amazed when I saw this shot, there is different patterns on each tail feather. I wonder if that is a way of telling the difference between them? Like a fingerprint.

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  1. What a satisfying trip this must have been. Monica. And your patience rewarded wit these wonderful shorts of the birds in their natural habitat.

  2. Fantastiska foton. Förstår att du njöt. Inte ofta man ser sådana fåglar.

  3. I am so happy for you and your sighting. Great birds and photos.

  4. Wow what a tail!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  5. Your perseverance was rewarded with some great shots.

  6. That last shot is fantastic!

  7. it's great to finally see you! hello, Monica!:p

    these are fabulous shots of beautiful birds. i wonder if this bird is related to peacocks.:p

  8. The patterns on those feathers are very beautiful!

  9. Anonymous21 May, 2013

    Beautiful feathers on that bird! Lovely shots.

  10. Vilken lycka! Beundrar din passion för fotografering!
    Tack för att du delar med dig, Monica.

  11. You are quite an adventurer! Amazing tail feathers on that guy!

  12. Wow, you are one serious birder. And what an amazing reward you had for your adventure. That last shot, especially, is quite a prize!

  13. Lovely shots and sightings. so much fun!

  14. It isn't easy to capture birds, even with long range lens, as they're so sensitive. The slightest noise and they're off. Great shot, that last one. I'm sure you must be thrilled that you waited to catch it all.

  15. That last shot is intriguing. I wonder if the print is handed on totally or in part to offspring?

  16. I am glad you had success and I think you got great photos to share what you saw... Thank you for linking in to Nature Notes.... Michelle


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