130815 Oahu round trip to the North Shore

Honolulu 130811-130902
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© NF Photos 130815 Thursday

Today we were going on a trip on the east coast and up to North Shore. After breakfast I brought some food with me and took the bus to the villa where everybody stays.

Pali lookout over HPU area and the Pacific Ocwan
Around 11 we started out. We headed for the coast and crossed the mountainrange. Our first stop was at Pali Lookout where we had a beautiful view over the coast and over one of  my granddaughters schools, Hawaii Pacific University (the school is located on three locations). We continued north and passed the harbor where the school has their boats. Weather was cloudy and we had a bit of showers. Seemed to be common in this part of the island.  Pali Lookout video from youtube

We made a stop at a beach My granddaughter liked.Turned out to be Turtle Bay.  It was a sandy beach for swimming of course, but also a part with rough, sharp lava where we explored tiny creatures for a while. Not that great for the sandals as the lava made cuts in them. With one step we went from warm sand to sticky, sharp lava.
The location was great but the line for the toilet was not.

We continued north and found the Turtle beach where the Green Turtles used to be. That was cool. They lay on the beach or swam close in the waves. Very nice to watch. Responsible personnel arranged a red rope around the turtles and people was not allowed to disturb them.

Then we continued to a diving shop in
 Haleiwa Town. Parts of my family wanted some equipment. Then, it was time for Shaved Ice. It is what is says. Shaved ice with colored flavors of your choice. Rather delicious! It seemed to be a very popular place.

Afternoon was now late and we had to rush for DOLE Plantation. And Pineapple ice cream.
We walked around the garden and shop for a while and then finished off with ice cream. In the garden they have these gorgeous trees growing among the pineapples. I don´t know the name of them so I would be happy if anyone could let me know. I have seen them once before in Costa Rica.
Rainbow Eucalyptus at DOLE Plantation

On our way back we went to Best Buy to buy some local phones as we live in different places that would be nice. Then I was brought back to the hostel and the evening walk at the beach. Then I got good use of the phone at once as I realised my camera was under the seat in the car. And the small one low on battery. So no more shots today.


  1. Wow!Fantastic sunny and warm photos!Have a nice weekend.

  2. Fina foton. Ser så härligt ut!

  3. The North Shore is a fun place to visit especially during the winter when the waves are huge,thanks for the tour. BTW, hope you can also join/link up to my meme, Travel Photo Mondays, come and join us!

  4. What a fun trip and such a beautiful place!! Love that sunshine and warm photos indeed!! Hope you have a great weekend!! Enjoy!

  5. beautiful photos of beautiful place.

  6. Herlig bildeserie og et supert innlegg til SWF!

  7. Lekker bildeserie.
    Ha en flott dag :)


  8. Lovely shots from your Hawaii trip! The mountain scenery is gorgeous and I love the beach with the turtle. Thanks for sharing your visit, have a happy weekend!

  9. I've made this round trip to the North Shore a number of times, but it's been a while. Thanks so much for the great memories!

  10. Fantastic pictures for SWF.
    Have a nice Weekend, greetings by Heidrun from Bavaria

  11. Det ser ju bara så härligt ut skulle inte vara fel nu i novembermörkret
    Ha en fin helg
    kram Meta

  12. Beautiful place and lovely shots

  13. Those trees are Rainbow Eucalyptus. I saw them on the Big Island. I like that you got to see a green turtle up close, and pineapple ice cream sounds fantastic.


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