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Went down to the beach before breakfast as usual. Amused myself with watching surfers for a while. Not much waves today but still nice to watch. Most of the surfers here are beginners.  

After breakfast I hit the bus to the house wher my relatives are. When I arrived they were barely out of bed. My day is much longer then theirs it seems. We were going to another shopping center. Waikele Premium Outlet, I think all but one of the girls joined in the tour. And, for once, I actually bought a couple of things. Strange, why am I always behind the gang? But here I see five woman but six shadows. My grandson is hiding.
It was sunny and hot and everybody stayed in shops also to get out of the heat. After a couple of hours we met at McDounalds to grab something to eat. At 5 we headed back to the house. The girls was about to cook but as I was still fed up I took the bus back to the hostel and the beach for a swim. And just to enjoy the place, and of course take some shots.

There are some new arrivals at the hostel. Among them a woman for a change. Nice! For tomorrow I plan to do a hike on my own as the family are going for even more shopping. And I had just enough of that for now.

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  1. Wow,fantastic photos and post again.I enjoy to read in your blog each week!Thank you for sharing and have a nice day!

  2. Aundsvärd miljö i högsta grad!!! Är det en favoritplats du återkommer till?

  3. LOve sets of photos! :)

    Have a fab day!


  4. Herlige bilder, god og varm formidling!

  5. Looks like you are enjoying your time with your granddaughter. Hawaii is a fantastic place to visit. Great set of photos!

  6. Roligt att få se fina bilder från resan....

  7. It does indeed look as though you are having a wonderful time!! What terrific captures!! Thanks so much for sharing the fun!! Have a great weekend!!

  8. What a great adventure! Lovely.

  9. Beautiful place and captures!

    Happy weekend.

  10. Your pictures bring back great memories from my trips to Hawaii.
    Thank you for sharing,


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