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Honolulu 130811-130902
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I woke up at 6 so I had three hours to spend before breakfast at the Hostel. I spend them in bed writing on my computer. My granddaughter will be in school and my grandson don´t want to go shopping. That leave me and my daughter. She will take the bus and meet me at the hostel.

After breakfast, coffee and sandwich, nothing fancy here, I went out for a walk. Passed by the area around Honolulu ZOO area. It seem to be a Zoo where parents bring their children. Then I headed for the beach with my camera and spent some time shooting birds and water. There are a lot of big trees that looks very interesting. Later on I realized they were some kind of fig trees. They give shadow when the sun is too hot. And the birds loved them.

 My daughter arrived as planned at noon. Without having eaten anything at all. So, we headed down the main street and when we found an ice cream shop we decided it was good enough to be "breakfast". I took one with blueberries and strawberry in it. Very nice!
After that we headed for "down town" Victorias Secret, or rather VS i Waikiki. And I was shopping underwear! Never in my life did I think I should be able to shop at Victorias Secret at my age.
I also bought a pair of flip-flops as I now have 4 blisters on my toes. Think that might be a better choice for my feet in the hot days of Honolulu.
Being done with markets and shops and whatever, we went down to the Waikiki Beach and sat down just enjoying the time.
Then we took the bus up to the house where the girls lives. It took an hour. And it is a complicated route. Will take time to get used to. A soon as everyone was present we had dinner. Then I had to take the bus back to the hostel. I had memorised the place where I would get of but, of course I was too late seeing the building and had to continue for a while. The bus did not take the route I thought it would. The driver suggested I continued to the end station and then back. So. I got a round tour trip.
Back at the Hostel I talked a little with some of the guys and then took a shower and wrote a bit.

Queens Beach, Honolulu
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  1. A beautiful place and what a wonderful visit!! Thanks for sharing -- your captures are the next best thing to being there!! Have a great week!!

  2. Such a lovely place for a holiday! I do hope to visit Hawaii one day.

  3. That last photo is so 'where the city meets the sea'. Great commentary.

  4. Enjoyed the detail of your day. Those trees in the first photo are amazing. And the splash of water in the last photo is delightful.


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