130816 Beach and shopping day

Honolulu 130811-130902
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130816 Friday
I woke up at 3 as Linus started to move in the bed below me.  He is going to Big Island and has to catch an early flight.
I slept another 2 h and then went up to be an "early bird" at the beach. It was mostly clouds and the sun behind the mountain range of course. But there was fairly much people up to watch it. Some already surfing.
Lots of the homeless was sleeping close to the sanitary facilities at the beach. Think it was good somehow, They could stay clean and go to the bathroom. They did not disturb anyone other then they kept their stuff around. There is also a lot of activities on the beach. People having meetings and gym sessions and running like crazy.
At breakfast I saw a one of the doves landing on jars happily eating from whatever was in them.
After breakfast it was time to take the bus to Bishop Street to meet with the family. There was a little misunderstanding. I thought we were going to the beach but ended up shopping. The beach would be later on in the afternoon. We was shopping at the University at first. I found a nice backpack in rainbow colors. But the family screamed NO, you can´t buy that one. When I wondered why they said everybody will believe you are a homosexual! O, gosh, I´m old. To me the rainbow symbol is still Greenpeace!
Then my granddaughter went to her class and the rest of us headed for Ala Moana to keep shopping. They seem to like it.
Finished with shopping time was rather late but we located the Ala Moana Beach Park and checked it out. It was sandy and hot with no shadows so not a place for me really. Nowadays I like shadows.

Ala Moana Beach Park

Back at the Hostel I grabbed my things and went swimming on Queens Beach. As it is so close I only bring the most necessary items with me. The towel, key and the little camera for sunset shots. The place is good for sunset shots. Then I had to do some shopping and find something to eat.
Family fun to the left! But not my family.

Linus is back from Big Island and obviously had a great time. He was able to walk down into the crater of the volcano so he was quite happy.

I was writing on the computer when people started to arrive and suddenly it turned out to be a beer party in the room. I did not mind but did not join in as much either. They were mainly discussing politics and that is not my favourite topic.


  1. Beautiful sun shot!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River.

  2. I do agree with Gary, a gorgeous sun shot!! Looks like a great day!! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. That last one is perfect - I wish I was there, instead of watching our unending run of grey days (very unusual for us).

  4. Ah to enjoy the beach and a gorgeous sunset to boot....what a wonderful day!

  5. I love the sun through the umbrella. What a beautiful way start your day!

  6. to be so close to the beach is bliss.

  7. What a fabulous shot to finish the day.

  8. Fun shot of the beach and Hawaii! It is one of my favorite places!

  9. Hawaii is way on the top of my travelling wish list ... thank you for taking us there. Love the last picture!


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