140916 Queensland Lotus bird Lodge to Cairns

Queensland, Australia 2014-09-05--09-25
140916 day 12 Tuesday
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We had an early cup of coffee at 6.00h.  Then we had a walk the path around the Lagoon while the sun was rising. A very nice walk indeed. Wandering Whistling-Duck in the Lagoon, to the right.

After breakfast, at 8.00, we started our trip back to Cairns. A, roughly, 450 km trip. What was significant today was all roadworks and dust. When we went up north it was weekend and no roadwork. So, a huge difference. Our first stop was in Musgrave to fuel the cars.
And, what is it about litter and rubbish bins???? Really!
We continued south and made a few stops to streach our legs.

This fence and gate makes me wonder how often this gate is used. The tree is growing right throw it.

Seem to be popular to be out walking

This image kind of have it all for todays trip. Roadwork , dust, sunshine . And take a look at the tractors front wheels. I´m not sure I would trust it much. We actually past this place almost driving in the forest to the left. (See explanation in Micks comment below in the comment forms. )

It is hard work today. Lunch in the van is needed. Provided of our hostess in Lotus Bird Lodge.

Later in the afternoon we took a break at a bar. Roadside bar? Was easier to get a drink then having a cup of coffee. And no icecream :(
And, well, can´t help but wonder what happened to this guy.

 Back in Cairns I took a quick walk on the Esplanade before dinner and bed.
Night in Acacia Court Hotel, Cairns.

 Lotus Bird Lodge Lagoon in morning backlight

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  1. Plenty of birds around the rubbish bin. Love the weathered gate! Sounds a bit of a hectic journey, hope you saw the waders on the Esplande.

  2. nice to see another type of whistling duck! i like the tree growing through the fence brace. :)

  3. Wonderful post...looks like you were having such an interesting trip!

  4. What an interesting journey you went on. The fence gate with the tree growing in it was fascinating. Boy the rubbish bin was a busy place, love that shot. I also wouldn't trust that tractor, those wheels looked to be a bit crooked.

  5. Wonderful post and photos!Very interesting journey.I love all your posts about your travels!
    Have a nice weekend!

  6. Great shots for the day and a wonderful trip! Love the fence gate!! Thanks for sharing the fun!! Have a great weekend!

  7. Wow awesome shots. A place indeed to wind up you are so close with these beautiful birds.


  8. I love that image of the emu!! You had quite the road trip that day!

  9. Like the birds, beautiful photos.

  10. I enjoyed the tour and the photos! So different from where I live.

  11. It looks like you had quite the adventure.

  12. Love your Whistling Ducks. I've never seen that type.

  13. Of course birds want to rummage through the garbage. SO INTERESTING!

    Lovely pics!


  14. Beautiful surroundings of the bird lodge.

    Have a good weekend!

    Alex's World! - http://www.kakinan.com/alex

  15. Awesome trip.
    Enjoying your shots.

  16. What an adventure - great shots.

  17. That's some trip! Love the birds on the fence around the rubbish bin.

  18. What interesting place. We have a game reserve here by Bonners Ferry Idaho. During the spring I like to watch the crane do there mating dance.
    Coffee is on

  19. Janet and Pauline. I´m sorry but I can´t fine you. :(

    Thanks all of you.

  20. I came back to have another look at this post! I am enjoying all your posts - it is very interesting to read how Australia looks to someone from over your part of the world. I'm sorry you got so much dust on your road trip - it is one of those things that unfortunately can be expected at that time of year. BTW - what you called a "tractor" we call a "road grader" and those front wheels are meant to be able to move to those rather extreme angles - every road grader that I have seen does it!

    1. hi Mick, thanks for explaining this for me. I can´t remember seeing this kind of road grader at home. We was not really bothered by the dust, Only we had to slow down now and then due to less sight. I write these things down because I notice and can´t remember reading it before. It is a part of what I learned about the country.

  21. Nice post and images! I do like your header image very much.

  22. Love starting the morning off with coffee and then watch all the birds. Lovely captures.

  23. The lagoon and Eucalyptus forests look like great habitats for observing birds and other wildlife. The Eucalyptus makes me think of San Diego where I used to live, the groves were amazing, and quite a variety too.

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