Costa Rica 110203 Torsdag, La Ensenada

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Program of the day:
First birding session at 5.45 close to the lodge
Breakfast at 7.30
more birding at the surroundings

We met at the restaurant and went to the fenced medow we looked for owls in yesterday night. We walked slowly birding on sight. When the sun came up it was difficult as we got backlight in our walking direction. HG Suggested we walked faster and birded on the way back instead. So we did.

After breakfast most of us headed for the shore. On the bridge pole was a Belted Kingfisher male, some herons and gulls. There were also Frigatebirds sailing overhead. Magnificent! The ocean calm and nice.
Then we returned to the fenced area and the dry forest. There were cows in there as well.

They headed back to the dry forest. I was a bit behind then as I was taking shots in the garden and birding along the way. When I arrived to the party they were discussing a bird sitting on a branch. They could not determin what species it was. I managed to get 2 shots, but that did not help. They discussed sending those shots some place to ask about it.

Now it became hot. And troublesome. I had short sleeve but, luckily, long trousers. There were sticky grass and seeds  that fastened everywhere and cut peoples legs. You had to be careful.

When we had lunch it was shared by a few Magpie Jays. They wanted food to and took whatever was left from plates. We had pasta for lunch, could have been better. And fruitsallad for dessert.

After lunch we had an hour off. Brita lay down in a hangmat that was availible on the veranda.  But I decided to go for a stroll and se if I could find the little dove I had seen at breakfast. And I did. It seemd tp be a white-tipped dove. Then I went down to the shore and the bridge I had seen earlier. When I arrived there were hundreds of gulls sitting on the rails and in the end there were two Brown Pelicans.

I walked slowly on the bridge to see how close I could get before they flew off. Gulls flew away one by one as I approached, but I got some good pics of the pelicans before they headed for the water. When I got back to the shore I was surprised to see that the waterlevel had risen. The high tide was coming in. I had to jump to the ground in order not to wet my shoes. :)

At 14.00 we gathered again for the next tour. We took the bus to birding a bit along the roads. Then we went to some "saliner", a place where they produce salt. This place was full of vaders. Lots of them. It seems they use to come here when there is high tide as it began to be around lunchtime. The only drawback was that it was backlight. So it was hard to see the birds. We ended the day with a walk through a Mangrove forest. It  was "the usual" spieces there plus a Roseate Spoonbill which I got only lousy shots of. Just before we should head back to the bus, at dawn, a coyote came and wondered what we were doing.

Dinner at 19.00 was mashed potatoes and chicken. I skipped the rice and beans.

Bought myself some coke after the evening session. Took a shower and realized my lover arms was sunburned. Wrote my story and hit the madrass. Oh, prepared for departure as well.

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