Costa Rica 110209 Wednesday on route to Naturalista

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Wake up at 5.15 to pack and for an early birding at  5.45.
Breakfast at 7.00 and then off to www.ranchonaturalista.net located close to volcano Irazo.
After a chilly night tucked in by lots of beautiful fleeze blankets, we set off for the morning birding. We had Jorge as a guide this morning. The young part of the owners duo. :) We headed into the forest, first to their forest feeder butthere were only oen bird. Jorge said it is a strange season. There used to be a lot of birds in the forest but now it is almost empty. A lack of seeds and berries probably. Like in Sweden then. :(
After a decent breakfast, and another visit to the feeders and the Fiery-throated Hummingbird, we were on our way again. HG said he had counted our birds. So, guessing game time. :) We now have about 430 spieces, seen or heard. And 3 days to go.

We are heading towards the Karibian side again travelling through the clouds. Taking shots through the windows of the bus will be some nice shots for the blogs. We are moving much faster now. I think the drivers name was Emil.

At Angustera Lake  we first made a stop at soem fenced medows. There were a lot of vultures and Grey swallows. A pair of Mockinbirds was sitting in a tree. And a Tropical Kingbird moved around, from the top of a pole to the next. It was hot now so I had to go to the bus to take some clothes of.
It was a beautiful lake with a lawn in front of it. And you had to go a bit downhíll to get to the lake.

People said it was spottingscope time so I brought mine too. That was a mistake. A few bird at the opposite side of the lake. How can people be so happy about a tiny dot in the scope. Saying it is this or that bird when in fact it is impossible to say. Never mind, I started to shot warblers instead. And a butterfly.

Our route took us to Cartago. That seemed to be Hermans hometown. As people had been nagging about t-shirts Herman took us to some friends shop while the driver fueled up the bus. The shop had some really nice things so I shoped as well. The town was hot and full of exhaust gases. Not nica at all when compared to the places we had been visiting so I was happy the moment  when we could leave it.

We continued to Naturalista for lunch and our new rooms. It was a two nights lodge. And guess what, a really nice room, with warm water. NB WARM water. The first thing to do was washing up a few things.

After lunch we was guided in the surounding area by a local guide. It was divided in three parts. Rain forest. Fenced meadow with cows in it and water pools. Was a bit laid back feeling about it. I mean after all those ups and downs in slippery forests we been doing the past two weeks.  Here too they did not know why it had decreased in numbers among the birds. We did not find much but it was a nice walk never the less. When it darkened we went to the pools in the forest. At dawn the whitecap and a few others had a habit of coming for a bath. And they showed up. :)

Eventually we headed back to the lodge for dinner. It was 17.40 then and both Brita and I had time for a shower. What a luxury, warm nice water over your body. Best one since we came to this country.

Dinner was served at 18.30. We had sallad, rice, corn and chicken. For desert the traditional brylepudding.
To the species going through Hermans wife was supposed to come, but she did not show up.

Going back to the room we discovered a lot of moths on the wall so ....shooting time. :) And then todays story sitting in the bed. But without a lot of blankets.

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