Costa Rica 110210 Thursday - Towards El Copal Lodge

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My World Tuesday, one day in Costa Rica this was my world
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Woke up 5 to join the morning birding at the lamp. We met at the balcony to see newly awoken hummingbirds. And to get a cup of coffee. Hermans wife attended. There was also a great sunrise to shot. It is a lot of lights in the valley that you did not see in daylight. After a while, at 5.30, we went to the lamp to see what birds liked some butterfly for breakfast. I could take some shots of  both birds and moths even though it was pretty dark. No ID yet.

After breakfast we were divided into 2 groups. One for a harder longer walk and one easier. I choosed the "easy" one. But it turned out that we walked the same path most of the time. And the same ups and downs on slippery paths. But not that slippery here. On this walk  I suddenly saw something on a branch. Something white, and it started to move. It was some kind of lice I think. Our group finished our walk in the fenced meadow we visited yesterday. It was more birds today then it was yesterday so it was great.

We should be packed and ready to leave before lunch so when we got back to our room we was in a hurry. Both Brita and I wanted to take a shower as we has been sweating. But the staff had removed some towels so we got a problem. But we managed to fix it.  Mine was there but Britas was gone so she dried herself with a foot towel.
Tehn a final photo session at the feeders. Here a nice Green Hermit  female.

After lunch, the usual rise , beens and chicken, we left to go to Copal Lodge. The road was bumpy and messy. Mostly dirtroad. In this are they grow coffee and sugercanes. The suger cane fieds was harvested but now they burned it and the smoke was all over he place. There are also a lot of cowboys here. I guess it is easier to ride a horse then to drive a car in those hills.

Arriving at the Lodge we had to stop downhill and to walk up. It was too steep for the bus. Only jeeps or similar could go up there. So, we walked and breaded heavily uphill. Then a jeep came up with the luggage. I  and Sören was the last ones up. But, of course, I used my camera a couple of times.
The first bird we spotted was the snowcap and everyone started to take photos. This is a fast one and no feeders for help. But it was fun. There is one man in the group that always needs perfect shots. He gets it, but he is never satiesfied. Somehow it  annoyes me. Overall his shots are better then mine, he should be happy.

The luggage came eventually and we got our beds. I sleep in the uppper bed this time and Lisa I think, belowe me and Brita in a single bed.  This is a simple building build on poles. No heaters as it is always warm enough. The planks for floor are rough and you should not drpo small things as they can fall down to the ground. There is no heated water but showers if one like that. Light is switched off at 22.00h. This place is not conected to the outside world. But I like it. They are doing research here. Did not really figure out what but obviously something to do with the forest.
We birded a bit around the buildings and then walked into the forest. Steep as usual. Not much birds there but nobody seemed dissapointed as there were birds and butterflies around the lodge. I also saw a black humblebee. :) And snowcap.

Dinner was standard, rice, beans and something that looked and tasted like tunafish. The juice we was served was very good. They said it was made of some kind of seeds that had to stay in the water for awhile to release its taste.

We had only candles to light up in the diningarea. So it was hard to read the list when we went through what birds we had seen today. But Herman had a forehead lamp so the two of us saw rather good.

Now I sit in my upper bed and writes. The light will go out soon and I have my small lamp fastened on my watch. I need it to light my way to the toilet. OK, better finish, and hope I woudn´t need to go to the loa in the middle of the night.
El Copal Lodge
This is really the land of great contrasts. :)
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