130820 Hike to Maunawili Falls o Kailua Beach Park

Honolulu 130811-130902
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© NF Photos 130820   Tuesday
130820 tuesday
Maunawili Falls Trail and Kailua Beach Park is on the menu today.
No breakfast on the hostel today. Brought something and took the 8 a´clock bus up to the house.
 We left the house at 9.45. At first we drove to Maunawili Falls. It was not too hard as we took it easy just enjoying ourselves. My granddaughter was free from school today so it was all 4 of us. It reminded me of Costa Rica rain forest without the ants. Old trees, roots everywhere to watch out for. The stream we were following and here and there wet mud to walk through. And crossing the stream twice.  Close to the waterfall we had to remove the shoes and walk barefooted in the stream. And that was a bit slippery. Had to be very careful carrying my photo equipment. Considering we did not see many people on the path it was a lot of them at the fall.  Some of them bathing and diving. My grandson joined in. I could not do that with all my stuff. :(



Back at the car at 12.30 some of us were hungry so we headed for a hamburger bar. The food is a problem for me. There is no way I can eat all of the portions they serve. And it feels so bad having to throw half of it away.
After lunch we went to a beach. Kailua Beach Park. A very lovely one. So nice to go into the water and play around. Feeling how you are floating around in the waves. I was in twice and then walked around photographing alot. The only thing that was not fun was the sanitary facilities and dressing rooms.
  My family showing off the legs.
My family drowe me "home" to the hostel and then I went down to the beach. Where else? When the sun had set I went to grab a Subway and had my dinner at the beach. then it was time to go back to the Hostel to upload the images to the computer and take a shower before bed.  
Tomorrow there is some kind of celebration on the Waikiki Beach so my daughter and grandson will come down.

Kailua Beach Park

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  1. Ser verkligen härligt ut på alla foton och vilken härlig våg!!!!

  2. What a fabulous place.

  3. It looks like paradise on earth. I, too, would exercise caution around water with camera in hand.

  4. Sounds like a fun day, visiting the waterfalls and the beach! The photos are great! Have a happy week!.

  5. one of my favorite beaches on Oahu, I love walking back and forth along the shoreline....thanks for taking us there today!

  6. Wow - it's paradise!

  7. As cold as I have been lately, these photos look like they are in heaven. I have never been to Hawaii and doubt I will make it at my age. I will have to enjoy it vicariously thru pictures like yours. genie


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