130829 North shore and La´ie Point

Honolulu 130811-130902
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Today I have to put all my stuff on the balcony as they are going to check the room out and clean it from top to bottom. Everyone has moved out except me as I don´t want to change room. I´m checking out on Saturday to go back home. It there are bugs in my suitcase they will not disappear because I change rooms. So far I have not seen any. It was also a great time to throw away all the stuff people "forgotten" or did not bather to throw away when they left. Like old milk.
After breakfast I took the bus to the house. And after a while we left to go north on the windward side.. One of the girls skipped homework and games to come along with us.
We went straight to La´ie Point, the place where "the angry ocean smashed a hole in the rock". It was hot as usual and the lava was the kind that was sharp and hard to move around in. That particular lava seem to be everywhere on the island. I think it is called A´a lava. My daughter got a  cut but not that big. It was fun to move around in the area and to try not to get cut. I wanted to take a lot of shots but it was hard to do that. The hole in the rock was a bit out on the water and it was not windy enough to be truly spectacular. But everybody seemed to like the sharp lava and the salty sprays from the water.

Done with the  La´ie Point we left for our next stop. Waimea Bay Beach Park. A beach for swimming. Another very hot and popular beach with fine sand. And rocky cliffs. Waimea Bay Beach Park seen from the bridge, below.

Leaving this place we headed for the Turtle Bay. We visited the place last time but everybody wanted to go there again.

After that it was time for Shaved Ice place and then Dole Plantation on our way south again. And then I was full so when we reached the house I took the next bus to Waikiki instead of staying for dinner.
I am alone in the room tonight but had to fix everything back into place. And to get new bedsheets.
Had a Subway at the beach again.

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  1. Ah another one of my fav hangout spots on the North Shore, so beautiful - thanks for sharing and joining us also for #tpMondays

  2. Such a beautiful place!! I would be happy to spend time there!! Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a great week!

  3. Beautiful shots of a beautiful place ... sorry for all of the jostling of your room and potential for bugs ... not a pleasant thought. But your trip seems to be well worth it. I envy your freedom to move about so.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  4. You must be sad your visit is coming to an end but what an incredible time you have had there and I've enjoyed reading your posts about all your adventures.

  5. Great place and photo of the turtle.

  6. We are headed for Maui on Friday. Hope we get some of your sunshine. - Margy


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