130826 Oahu Leeward coast

Honolulu 130811-130902
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130826 Monday
I spent the morning, before breakfast, trying to catch some White Terns "on film". They are quite fast so it is not easy. I think there was 6 birds souring the sky. After that show a Great Fregatebird arrived on the scene. Cant be easy to be a Fregatebird. It was harassed by parrots in the same way our raptors are by gulls.
White Tern to the right. Fregatebird below.
Leeward side were on the agenda today. So after breakfast I took the bus to the house. We were late as usual. We did not get on our way until time was past one.
I´m a little disappointed on Oahu for it's highways everywhere. Only urban areas and highways. How fun is that? Not much left of the island's original appearance. Johanna drove us to a small lagoon where we took a swim and walked around a bit. It was beautiful of course even if the lagoon seemed to be artificial. It was too hot for tanning. After swimming I walked around the cliffs. It was volcanic of course and quite interesting to watch. I chatted with a few people from Vietnam too. It turned out to be 4 Lagoons at Ko Olina. We were at no 4, Ulua. I think that if I go to Oahu again I might stay at that place.
On the way back to the main road we slowed down so I could take pictures of some black swans at a small waterfall. Park version of course, but that´s OK. 

 We stopped at a place by the shore and took some photos of nice green algae. There were a lot of people fishing so there was no reason to stay. Next stop was a boiling hot beach, Makaha Beach Park,  and I stayed in the shade of some bushes. And fell asleep to my families amusement. But it was nice . Then we were looking for an ancient temple that should be in the neighborhood. But the road was closed so we could not get there. So we made a stop for an early dinner instead. My family seem to be hungry at all times. And then back to Honolulu and the house. A bus was going down to Waikiki just a few minutes after we arrived so I took it. No need to drive me then.  But I missed the sunset as I was on the bus.
Leeward side was very dry and orange-brown in color. Big difference from what we've seen before. But beautiful in its own way . " Dinner" at the beach o late shower and sleep .

Dolphin tour will be tomorrow as the organizers changed our tour. We will be picked up at the Marriott at 5:45.

Ulua on Oahu
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  1. Beautiful photos. I love how you captured the ocean spray! And terns do indeed fly fast, don't they?

  2. Wonderful shots. Great captures of the birds in flight as well as all the other photos.

  3. Fantastic photos and post as always!Have a nice weekend.

  4. Kjempefine bilder .... og et utrolig vakkert sted. Sukker når jeg ser den fine stranden!

    God helg!


  5. Beautiful photos! My husband and I hope to visit Hawaii but I didn't realize that Oahu is so commercial. We prefer the more natural areas.

    And like you, my kids are always hungry too. All the time.

  6. Love the water spray in your last capture. Wow, Monika, where have you not traveled? Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Really great sea spray shot :) I have tried that before and it took forever to catch the wave at just the right time!

  8. Great photos! I love Hawaii and have visited Oahu many times, so I really enjoyed your post!

  9. Lovely shots of paradise!


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